Toning Down Pink Icing

Pink icing seems easy enough, but when it comes to matching specific colors that “simple pink” can quickly become a source of frustration.  If you’ve ever run into the the problem of pink icing being just a little too bright, try this tip.

Floral Monogram Cookies Close UpTone down bright pink icing by adding a blue or green color to the mix.  The original shade of pink {left} was completely transformed with only a touch of each.

Soft Pink Royal IcingI prefer to use leftover icing whenever possible because I’m much less likely to add too much.  If you don’t have leftover icing, gel paste works, but I suggest using a toothpick for every addition.  A little bit goes a long way.

Here’s another example.  The pink on the right is Wilton rose.  With a toothpick point of turquoise gel paste, it morphed into the shade on the left.  Subtle, but definitely noticeable.

Toning Down Pink Royal IcingFor this set I added a little of the green icing to the pink to really tie the colors together.

Floral Monogram CookiesAny shade of blue, green or turquoise can dramatically change the hue of pink icing, but don’t stop there.  The next time you find yourself struggling with a specific color try adding a touch of a contrasting shade.  You may be surprised at what you come up with.

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!