Perfect (and Easy) Deep Pink Royal Icing

I probably should’ve called this “Deep Pink Royal Icing, the Sequel,” because we’ve talked about this before. But remember me saying I’m on a lazy kick?  Well, that includes icing color.

After sharing an older formula for pink icing on Facebook, someone let me in on a little secret. Strawberry ProGel. Less time mixing icing and great color straight from the tube? You better believe I was all over that.

Turns out, she was right as rain. Strawberry ProGel is the perfect way to create deep pink royal icing in one easy step. In the spirit of today’s post, I used my new trick to make, you guessed it, strawberry cookies!

Beautiful, deep pink icing has never been easier.

How to Make Perfect Deep Pink Icing Perfect Deep Pink IcingFirst, add a small amount of Strawberry ProGel to plain white icing.

When I say, “a small amount,” I really mean a small amount. I was actually impressed by how little color was actually necessary to create a deep rich shade.

Deep Pink Royal Icing ColorAfter adding the color, mix thoroughly, and you’re ready to go.  It may look a little light at first, but stop adding color when the icing is a shade or two lighter than you want the final product to be. Resist the urge to add more color because in just a few hours the color will begin to develop (or darken) significantly.

It’s been my experience that it’s quite easy to over color icing with ProGel. Over-colored icing often develops weird splotches and blotches (pardon the technical jargon), so take it easy.  It’s much easier to add color than it is to take it away.

Perfect Deep Pink Royal IcingTry using Strawberry ProGel to create lighter shades of icing or tone down bright pink by adding touch of green or blue as we learned here.

Strawberry ProGel can be purchased by the tube via Amazon, or you can pick up the entire set here.

Deep Pink Decorated Strawberry Cookies

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