Brush Embroidery on Cookies by Ali-Bee’s Bake Shop {Guest Post}

If you’ve spent much time around here, you probably know that I have the biggest cookie crush on Alison Stinnett, the artist behind Ali-Bee’s Bake Shop.  I think I love her most because she has a style that I cannot touch.

When I think of the two of us, I kind of think of myself as the Einstein of cookies {with much better hair, of course}, technical and literal, with a very black and white interpretation of things.

Ali, on the other hand, is more like the Mad Hatter {again with much better hair}.  When I think of Ali working, I always imagined her with a piping bag in each hand, swirling and designing with artistic frenzy, then calmly stopping and revealing wonders like these.

And these, which were inspired by me, although I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed at how much BETTER they are!

Okay, since I am starting to sound like a creeper, I’m going to quit gushing and share what I came here to share.  After several requests from adoring fans like me, she has started a revived her YouTube Channel, which debuts, TODAY!  It’s only fitting that her first tutorial is about brush embroidery, her trademark technique.

Ali  has also shared a photo version of her tutorial here, but if you prefer to see her live, in action, click HERE.

To create brush embroidery roses/flowers you will need:

  • Glass of water
  • filbert comb brush #10
  • dry clean rag or paper towel
  • piping consistency icing equipped with a #2 tip

Now, follow these simple instructions.  Make outside edge of petal.  Wet brush and wipe off excess water on the towel.  Catch the edge of the line and drag in to create the first petal.

Then overlap your second petal slightly on the first.  Wet brush, wipe off excess water, catch edge and drag in.  Repeat around to make first layer of petals.

Pipe the inside petals and repeat.  Add center.


Simply beautiful cookies!

Before this tutorial, I tried a it of brush embroidery myself, but I wasn’t completely thrilled with the results.  Now I know that my icing was a little too thin, and my brush a little too wet.  Thank you, Ali!  Now I know EXACTLY what I need to do next time for better results!

I know that y’all probably don’t want to hang out here and listen to me ramble with a video waiting.  So, head on over to Ali-Bee’s YouTube Channel and be prepared to be amazed!