Easter Dress Cookies with Flour De Lis {Guest Post}

It’s no big secret that I get super excited about re purposing cookie cutters, so when my friend Samantha of Flour De Lis shared a brilliant idea for turning a double bell cookie into a beautiful dress cookie, I knew it had to be shared.  Today, Sam is here showing us the perfect way to breathe new life into a tired old cutter .  Enjoy!

Blog breakHello cookie friends! My name is Samantha, you’ll usually find me sharing cookies on Flour De Lis. Today I am lucky enough to be invited over to Callye’s house (kinda, sorta… pretend with me, it’ll be an adventure) to share a cookie idea! This idea is actually really old. Callye asked me to share ages ago, and I just kept putting it off because I was scared. Don’t laugh! Have you ever been asked to make cookies for the best cookie maker in the world?!? In the WHOLE universe?!? It’s scary!! Not scary, like weird sounds at night when you are home alone, or your husband jumping out from behind the door when you THINK you’re home alone, or eating fried food on a stick. Okay that last one is not really scary, so much as delicious.  But I

Let’s talk about cookies! These ones are so easy that even I can make them! And you can make them too!

Photo 6

This all came about, a year ago when another cookie friend was getting ready to make christening cookies and wanted a little dress, but she didn’t have a dress cutter that was right and didn’t want to spend the $$ on a pricey copper cutter for just one order. We’ve all been there, right?!?

Well this was the solution, a cheap little cutter that you probably already have, and if you’re like me, never used!

Photo 1

You can pick this cutter up at almost any craft store or via Wilton or Amazon if you prefer to order online.

You can make these cookies a few different way, but the easiest is to just use the cutter exactly as it is and bake the cookies just like that.  Easy peasy right?!

Photo 2

If you want to change it up a little and leave the shoes off; just trim those little bits at the bottom before you bake the cookies and you’ll have a slightly different outcome.

Mix outline and flood icing in your preferred colors. I used white for the christening cookies and soft pink, teal, and violet for the Easter dresses.

Once your cookies are cool, just outline the cookie, mostly keeping with the true edges, you can take it in a little for a neckline and straight across the bottom edge instead of out for the clappers (do you know that’s what the little dangly thing that makes the noise is called? I didn’t, I had to google “dangly thing inside bell”. It’s true. You can check my Google history ;))

Photo 3

Now you just flood the entire area inside your outline and let it dry. I am a big fan of my heat gun, so I just give it a once or twice or five quick times over and move on. I don’t like to wait… But if you do, let them set for at least 20 minutes before filling in the clapper part. Those are going to be little shoes. Now you can let your cookies set for a few hours or overnight depending on your icing recipe.

Photo 4

That’s really it. Once the base is dry enough to work on, you can add any details you like. I made these little white ones with a few pink roses which I think would be just darling for a little christening favor.

Photo 7

And then I made some pretty pastel ones that I think would be cute for Easter . I love Easter. The prettiest colors and best candies are everywhere!

Photo 8

Whew! That wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be! I hope you get a chance to make these cookies really soon, so you can see for yourself how easy they are.

Now I am off to drink some tea and chat with Callye! I think we’ll sit in her living room all day. I imagine it to be really sunny and bright and there are lots of fun things to see and we’ll talk about all the cool cookies she makes and how much I want to be just like her and about this one time when I had an idea about another cool cookie. And when I get home, I am totally going to jump out from behind a door and scare my husband.

Blog breakI was so excited about Sam’s adorable dresses that I couldn’t wait to try this idea for myself.  I made some adorable pink dresses just in time for Easter.

Christianing Dress Cookies

Thanks for sharing your cookie think with us, Samantha!  I hope you’ll give it a try too.

Have a safe and happy week, cookie friends!