Polar Pals Decorated Cookies

Polar Pals Cookies

With the recent blast of bitterly cold weather, it is almost impossible not to have winter cookies on the brain.  Polar pal cookies are the perfect way to keep warm and busy on a long winter day. I used my trusty snowman cutter as the base for this sweet little snow girl. To make these cookies you will need: Yellow piping and 20-second icing Flesh tone piping and 20-second icing {a small amount} Red piping and flood icing Black … [Read more...]

Decorated Cardinal Cookies

Cardinal Cookie Sweetsugarbelle

I've always wanted to make cardinal cookies, but I've never been able to find quite the right cutter.  This year, I decided to make it happen. It took a little thought, but when it finally hit me I was super excited...and a little sad I hadn't thought of it earlier.  I made this cookie using  a simple egg trimmed with a heart.  If you want a curvier bird, a flip-flop works well too. Like many of my cookies {on a good week} my cardinals … [Read more...]

Simple Christmas Tree Cookies

Simple Christmas Tree Cookies via Sweetsugarbelle2

There are very few cookies that say, "Christmas" quite like gingerbread.  With the busy holiday season in full swing, I am always looking for beautiful decorating ideas that don't require a lot of fuss. These simple gingerbread trees are easy decorate and make a great gift. I'm probably beginning to sound like a broken record, but I thought I would say it one more time.  Often, the simplest cookies are the most beautiful cookies of all. I … [Read more...]

How to Make Tan Royal Icing

Tan Royal Icing

Most icing colors are pretty easy to figure out, while others are a little more complicated. Tan icing might seem simple, but if you've ever added warm brown to uncolored icing with the expectation of a pretty yellowish-brown, you know this isn't the case.  The pinky, almost flesh-colored result isn't even close. Unfortunately, icing color is not an exact science.  Most of the time, my colors aren't mixed from a pre-existing formula.  I … [Read more...]

Decorated Pumpkin Cookies

Decorated Pumpkin Cookie

Looking for an easy and impressive autumn cookie design?  Try decorated pumpkin cookies.  This classic shape is great for beginner and advanced decorators alike. To make these cookies you will need: Pumpkin orange piping and flood icing {I mixed tulip red, egg yolk yellow, and a touch of warm brown} Green piping and 20-second icing Begin by outlining the pumpkin segments as shown below.  Based on the cutter I chose to divide the … [Read more...]

Toadstool Cookies from Simple Cutters

Toadstool or Mushroom Cookie

Funny thing about Alice and rabbits...they can show up ANYWHERE.  Mushrooms too!  This happens to me all the time.  I look at my grass and there's nothing there, then the next morning there's a toadstool where there wasn't one before. Just like their natural counterpart, mushroom cookies also have a way of popping up out of nowhere. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little.  They do come from somewhere, but luckily, just like real ones it … [Read more...]

Decorated Jelly Jar Cookies

The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle Jelly Jar Cookie

Jelly jar cookies have been on my to make list for a very long time.  I meant to make them over summer, but it slowly slipped away without any cookies. My jars were almost forgotten, until I dug out my Halloween cutters again saw jelly.  So instead of fun fruity jam, I ended up with autumn butters.  Almost the same thing, right? I used a variety of trimmed skulls for the cookies.  The black and white cutters are both Wilton brand, while the … [Read more...]

Decorated Turkey Face Cookies

Turkey Cookie

Thanksgiving is coming fast and do you know what that means?  It's turkey time!  The cookie kind, at least. I've never had a lot of luck with full body turkey cookies, so I'm always on the lookout for new interpretations.  This year my handy dandy ice cream cutter made the transformation from dessert to feathered foul. To make these cookies you will need: Yellow piping and flood icing White 20-second icing Brown piping and flood … [Read more...]

Decorated Scarecrow Cookies

Standing Scarecrow Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle

It's no secret that I prefer to simplify most of my cookie designs.  For this reason, when I plan new projects I lean toward bolder designs like a face rather than a full figure. In my experience larger scale details are easier to manage and usually there are less colors involved. I generally stick to the "bigger is better" rule, but when I ran across this guy I knew it was his turn to shine.  He's a little more involved than my other … [Read more...]

Scarecrow Cookies

Scarecrow Face Cookies

I think I've whined and complained about mentioned it before, but in West Texas we don't have a true fall.  As soon as the leaves begin to turn and a chill enters the air, a huge gust of wind comes along and blows the leaves {and everything else that isn't nailed down} away. If it's autumn I want, I pretty much have to make it myself.  So, I do.I love that these cookies can be made with several different cutters.  I used a couple of snowmen I … [Read more...]