Cookie Quickie: Decorated Hula Girl Cookies

It’s time for another “Cookie Quickie,” the same tutorials you’re used to, without all the photos.

Today’s theme is luau, featuring decorated hula girl cookies.How to Decorate Tropical Luau Cookies

Decorated Hula Girl CookieLike many of my cookies, this sweet hula dancer began life as a snowman cutter, which is included in this set.


To make hula girl cookies, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Use 20-second icing in the color of your choice fill the top portion of the hula girl’s hair.
  2. Wait a few minutes and use flesh tone 20-second icing to create a torso and legs.
  3. Wait a few more minutes and add a skirt, also using 20-second icing.  If bleeding is a problem, wait longer before adding each layer of icing.
  4. When the base is dry it’s time to add the details.  Begin by using a small dot of dark brown 20-second icing to make a coconut bikini.  Remember to leave a few minutes between each drop.  This will add definition.
  5. Next use a #1.5 tip to pipe lines for the hair, braid, eyes, mouth, and grass skirt.  Use dark brown icing to add a bikini string, if necessary.
  6. Finish up with royal icing flowers like the one pictured below.  I turned an apple blossom into a hibiscus by slightly altering the middle.  To learn more, check out this tutorial.  If royal icing flowers aren’t your thing, this works too.

Tropical Luau CookiesThese work well as a stand alone design or mixed with other bright luau-themed cookies.

Change things up by including a back view of the dancers.Decorated Hawaiian Luau CookiesFor tips on making the other cookies in this set, check out these posts: