Simple Hula Skirt Cookies {Guest Post}

While I’m spending the day in paradise, AKA the kiddie splash park, my sweet friend Nicole is holding down the fort.  Follow along as she demonstrates how to make her simple hula skirt cookies.

Updated Blog BreakALOHA! I’m Nicole, and I’m tickled to be here, sharing such an EASY-PEASY design with you! I’ve got Hawaii on the brain BIG-TIME lately, as my BFF is currently stationed there, and my own family is planning a long vacation next summer! I’ve been to visit before, but I’m excited to show my husband & my boys all the neat-o things I saw there many years ago. And as for the cookies – I promise, you can knock out these Hula Skirt Cookies in just minutes flat… leaving you plenty of time to surf the waves! (Or surf the couch & catch the summer shows with your husband, heehee!)

064wFirst up, you need a gift/present cutter. Mine came in a Wilton “Party Set” I picked up at Hobby Lobby, but you can find the set online HERE, too.


Cut & bake your cookies. When you are cutting the shapes, make sure to trim off the dotted portion (seen below). I left one untrimmed, just to show ya:

002cAnd then you’ll need the following:

  • electric green piping icing
  • green piping icing
  • pink & yellow piping icings (or whatever color flowers you’d like)

Using your electric green piping icing fitted with a PME 1.5 tip (or a Wilton 1), pipe the base layer of grass lines. Be sure to leave space to add more layers on top & between, too! (And if your icing breaks, don’t worry – it won’t show, I promise.)

006** Wait just a couple of minutes between each layer of grass strands if you can. It will lessen your chances of knocking out a previous strand with a tip if you get in a hurry. 😉

Next, use the green piping icing fitted with a 1.5 PME tip, too. Fill in some of the spaces to flesh out the base layer like so:

007(I’m sure you can already see where this is going, right? Right!)

Once again with the electric green, create more grass lines for a third layer:

009(Isn’t it AMAZING how life-like the cookie is already becoming? I love it!)

And with the green icing, add one final layer of grass strands to the skirt. This makes 4 layers, with 2 separate additions of each color (electric green & green).

011** At this time, also use the electric green icing to draw a thin band at the top of the skirt. I did this without waiting any time after the 4th grass application, too – doing so will help to smooth all the strands together. Give the band a few minutes to set as well before moving on.

Once the band has dried for a couple minutes, move ahead by adding the pink & yellow dots that will become your flowers (or whatever colors you choose). You can use just about any tip you’d like here (I used a Wilton 2). You just want the dots to be a nice enough size that you can come back later & add a bit of piping detail to them. Alternate the colors on different cookies for a slightly different look, too. Let these dots dry for at least 10 minutes at this point.

014Lastly, finish up the flower dots with the same pink & yellow icing, only fitted this time with a PME 1.5 tip for the thin detail swirls.

017And that’s it! Let the cookies dry completely. Because the entire cookie is decorated with piping icing, you will likely find that they dry faster than most flooded cookie designs as well (which is perfect, because a true “hula girl” would never want you to fuss over cookies!). You can serve the cookies by themselves, or mix them into other fun designs for a quick, easy platter:

Hula Skirts“Mahalo” (that means “thank you“) for joining me today! Above all, have fun & RELAX! 🙂

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