Halloween Candy Bucket Cookies

Halloween Candy Bucket Cookies

Halloween is almost here and I can't wait to raid...I mean CHECK my kid's candy stash.  In the meantime, I made my own Halloween candy, cookie-style. I'd originally planned to use a skull cutter for this design, but after sketching, I realized my jack o' lantern stencil was too big for the cutter I had in mind.  Instead I went with a candy corn. Before decorating I traced around the bottom of the cutter with a food safe marker to map out … [Read more...]

Decorated Pumpkin Cookies

Decorated Pumpkin Cookie

Looking for an easy and impressive autumn cookie design?  Try decorated pumpkin cookies.  This classic shape is great for beginner and advanced decorators alike. To make these cookies you will need: Pumpkin orange piping and flood icing {I mixed tulip red, egg yolk yellow, and a touch of warm brown} Green piping and 20-second icing Begin by outlining the pumpkin segments as shown below.  Based on the cutter I chose to divide the … [Read more...]

Silly Spider and Bat Cookies

Silly Spider Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle

Usually, Halloween cookies are some of my favorite to make but this year I was a little short on inspiration.  Then I saw these adorable spider cookies by SugarNosh Treats and suddenly an idea I'd been toying with fell into place. I made every cookie on this platter with the cutters below.  The baby rattles can be purchased here and here, the bat was a Target find, and the "MOM" cutter is a Wilton model that sat untouched in a bin for two … [Read more...]

Easy Zombie Cookies with Flour de Lis

Easy Zombie Cookies_Flour de Lis

I'm a little behind on the Halloween treats, so today my sweet friend Samantha, of Flour de Lis is here to show you how to make these easy and adorable zombie cookies! I am not sure if you have noticed, but zombies ARE actually taking over the world. I mean they are everywhere! TV shows, movies, games, 5k's, there are survival guides and bubble gum and I am pretty sure last time I drove through Oregon, one of them pumped my gas! On a side note, … [Read more...]

Easy Eyeball Cookies

Eyeball Cookies

When I was little, my mom used to buy children's sing along tapes for the car.  When I grew up I swore I would never be that mom.  I was WAY too cool for that. I had my kid's early introduction to the musical legends of our time all planned out...until I had my own car full of children TALKING LOUDLY ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  For some reason, Bob Seger isn't quite the same with a mini-airhorn tattling in your ear. Now I'm the mom who buys … [Read more...]

Antiqued Label Cookie with Lizy B Bakes

Potion Label Cookies via Lizy B Bakes

Today I have a very special treat. One of my favorite cookie bloggers, Lizy B Bakes is here for a visit.  As a long time fan, I was pretty excited to see what Lizy would send my way.  Once again, she knocked my socks off.  Follow along as Lizy shares her awesome technique for creating antiqued Halloween label cookies.   Hi.  My name's Lizy B and I am a label-a-holic. It's true.  Well....wait.  That makes me sound all organized and … [Read more...]

Twenty Cookie Ideas for Halloween and Fall

Jack O' Lantern Cookies

Looking for fun cookie ideas that are perfect for Halloween and fall?  Well don't worry, I've got you covered.  Here are twenty {actually more} fun projects perfect for the months ahead.  I hope you're inspired! Witch Boot Cookie Pops Royal Icing Owls Gold Speckled Acorn Cookies Simple Sunflower Cookies Perfect Jack O' Lantern Cookies Owl in Pumpkin Cookies Halloween Cookie Pops Via The Bearfoot Baker Royal Icing Pumpkins Vampire Teeth … [Read more...]

Potion Bottle Cookies

Potion Bottle Cookie

If cookies could have a theme song you'd be reading this to the tune from The Wonder Years.  If it weren't for a little {or a lot} of help from my friends, we wouldn't even be talking about them now. They started out like a lot of my cookie ideas, as a completely different cutter.  From the moment I saw them I was imagining new shapes.  Like potion bottles.  All it took was a little trimming. If you don't have these cutters, that's okay.  … [Read more...]

Cookies with Kids {Simple Jack O’ Lanterns}

Cookie Decorating With Kids

Ahhhh...the life of mom.  Busy, busy, busy, and sometimes {or maybe often} a little {or a lot} behind.  Especially this year. It worked out that I was going to be out of town during Halloween, so before I left, I wanted to do something fun with my kids.  Since I'm always decorating cookies that they can't touch, I thought it would be fun to let them help for a change. When it comes to cookie-ing with kids, it's not about perfection.  … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Royal Icing Accents

Royal Icing Pumpkins

Royal icing pumpkins are widely available this time of year in stores and online, but they're inexpensive and easy to make yourself. All you need is: Stiff orange royal icing {my recipe is HERE} Stiff green royal icing Any type of star tip {I used a #18} A #2 tip Prepare cookie sheets by taping waxed paper to them with painters tape.  Start by forming the body of the pumpkin.  The tip should be at about a 45 degree angle to … [Read more...]