The Great Pumpkin Cookie Makeover

Some cookie designs never go out of style.  Especially pumpkin cookies.  When fall comes around this classic shape is always one of the first to make it into my oven.

Over the last couple of years my personal pumpkin cutter collection has grown to include several interesting shapes.  My favorite are the tall oblong ones.  Unfortunately, they’re kind of rare and a little harder to come by.

Since I don’t want anyone going without cool cutters, I came up with a solution.  All you need is a generic *cheap* pumpkin cutter and a strong grip.  Give them a little squeeze, and one pumpkin cutter becomes four.

Non-coated cutters work best {coated cutters chip} but I had these on hand.  Which pumpkin is your favorite?

Decorating is simple too.  I used twenty-second icing for the entire project.  Start with the stems then add the sections.  Add the sections in alternating layers to create realistic dimension.

These are a super simple addition to any fall feast.

If you’d like to try this yourself the following cutters would work wonderfully:

And, while we’re on the subject, if you don’t have this pumpkin patch cutter from Country Kitchen Sweet Art, get that too,  I’ve used mine time and time again.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD…while we’re still on the subject, be sure to check out about a gazillion creative ways to make pumpkin cookies from Lila Loa!

Happy Friday!