Creepy Eyeball Cookies

Hey, YOU!  Yes, I’m talking to you.

Did you wait until the very last minute to worry about cookies for your kiddo’s Halloween party?

Is it suddenly a little too late to tackle the cute witches legs or jack o’ lanterns you had on your to-do list?

Well, I have a confession…

I did too!

I bet you think since I am this cookie crazed person, my kids are always the ones with the coolest cookies in class, right?

Not true.

I know, I know.  It’s terrible, but after all the baking and decorating I HAVE to do, when it comes time to make treats for my kids, I’d rather do something simple like bake a few monster cookies and call it a day.

So far this has been working.  But then it occurred to me…one of these days  my kids will get wise to my games.

What will I say to them when they notice I make ALL these cookies, but not a one goes to school with them?

It was time for a change.  A PLAN. This is what I came up with…



The best part is, you make them WITH your kids!

*insert smart mom dance*


To make these cookies you will need:

I used candy beads because I like them better than the more opaque pearls, but in a pinch, you can run to Walmart or a craft store and pick up some Wilton pearls.

Bake simple round cookies {one batch of my basic sugar cookie dough will make 24-30 depending on the cutter} and let them cool.

Then gather your kiddos and get to work.

Set each kid up with a cup of pearls, and as you outline and fill…

have them randomly sprinkle the wet cookies with beads.

It’s really simple, the kids will have a BALL, and you’ll permanently mark your place in their hearts as coolest mom ever.

After the flood icing has set {this is a good time to put them to bed if you’re doing this the night before} come back and use the black 20-second icing and a #1 tip to gently add dots to the center of each eyeball.

Let them dry and you’re done.  Of course, you can add extras if you like.  I did bubbles just because I had a bit of extra icing leftover and these kind of reminded me of a cauldron of eyeballs. They also covered a few air bubbles that I neglected to notice before.

Speaking of cauldrons, black icing would be great for the outline too!

These were so quick to make, that I ended up using 20-second icing and leftover dough to make “accent eyeballs” after the kids went to sleep.

These took me an evening’s work from start to finish {off and on}, we made fun memories, AND kiddo had “REAL” cookies to take to school. 

That’s a good day in my book.


Don’t let time, skill level, or even crazy kid filled evenings stop you from decorating cookies.  YOU CAN DO THIS, and people will love them!

Be creative! Don’t be afraid to try different icing colors, or even green or yellow beads for the eyes!


I hope you’ll try these tonight!