Easy Eyeball Cookies

How to make creepy Halloween eyeball cookies with a heart, number eight, and mustache cookie cutters!When I was little, my mom used to buy children’s sing along tapes for the car.  When I grew up I swore I would never be that mom.  I was WAY too cool for that.

I had my kid’s early introduction to the musical legends of our time all planned out…until I had my own car full of children TALKING LOUDLY ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  For some reason, Bob Seger isn’t quite the same with a mini-airhorn tattling in your ear.

Now I’m the mom who buys hokey little kid CD’s for our car…and even though I’m embarrassed to open the doors with the volume up, it’s kind of our thing.

We have a lot of faves, but the children’s remake of “Somebody’s Watching Me” is definitely at the top of the list {totally redeemed by the fact that I know who sang it first, of course}.

Anywho, with a daily dose of that song always fresh in my mind I couldn’t help but think of eyeball cookies. These cookies are detailed and artsy, you might want to check out daily contacts to have a clear vision while making them.

How to make creepy eyeball cookies with common cookie cutters via sweetsugarbelle.comThe great thing about these cookies is that you probably already have the cutters you need.  A heart works well,  just cut the cookies and use the tip to trim the cookie into an eye shape.  They look best if you line up the top indention and tip.

Creepy Eyeball Cookie CutterOne of my favorite cutters, the trusty #8 also works great for eyes.

Eye Cookie CutterYou can even use a mustache.  Leave it plain, or trim with a strait edge.  If all else fails use rounds.  Be creative…anything goes.

Mad Eyes CookiesTo make these cookies you will need:

  • Flood/20-second icing in the color of your choice for eyes {I used green, purple, and orange}
  • Lighter green, orange, and purple 20-second icing {optional}
  • White piping and Flood icing
  • Black 20-second icing

*Since eyeball cookies are pretty simple, I wanted to give them a little more “dimension”.  You can definitely cut out the lighter colors and layer the colors on top of another, but I wanted a nice smooth surface.  If you’re more comfortable with a more direct approach, don’t be afraid to cut or rearrange the steps so they work for you.

Begin by making irises.  I used the wet on wet technique to add a lighter dot of color in the center of the eye.  If you’re worried about cratering, use thicker icing, and dry with a heat gun or fan.  If you do happen to get craters, don’t panic…you can cover them later.

Eyeball Cookies For HalloweenLet the pupils dry then outline the cookie with white piping icing as shown below.  Be sure to flood in sections if you want a dimensional look.  Once both sides are flooded, add the pupils and let dry.

How to Make Eye CookiesHere’s the same eyes in color {for visual interest}.  Outline, flood in sections, add lighter dot, let dry, then add pupils.

Halloween Eyeball Cookies SweetsugarbelleOnce the cookies are dry, finish up with a highlight.  It’s the little things, right?

Halloween Evil Eye CookiesDo you ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Silly Eyeball CookiesWhether you’re humming Jeepers Creepers or Scream and Shout, these cookies will make you smile.

Creepy Eyeball CookiesThese days, my kiddos have pretty much sucked every ounce of coolness out of my body, but I wouldn’t change a thing {except maybe the decibel level of my middle son’s voice}.

PS-I also said I would never go to the grocery store in raggedy clothes with a whiny kid.  Bet y’all can guess how that went.

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