Twenty Cutters Every Cookie Decorator Should Own

20 Must Have Cookie Cutters via Sweetsugarbelle blogLast night I had a horrible dream. I was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse watching helplessly as my cookie cutters were scattered to the four corners of the earth.

Actually, I’m only kidding about the nightmare, but as I watched the looting scene in World War Z, I found myself wondering if there were any good cookie cutters in all that mess. If that doesn’t scream “problem”, I don’t know what does.

In real life I have hundreds, maybe even thousands of cookie cutters. I love my collection, but realistically there are very few that I use on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I could purge most of my collection and get along just fine {just don’t tell my husband that}.

It’s my theory that with a little creativity most decorators could get by with fifty cutters or less. So, if you’re new to decorated cookies or maybe just have space or budget constraints, don’t go overboard right away. Start small and work your way up. Here’s my list of twenty cookie cutters every decorator must own.

20 Must Have Cookie Cutters

  1. Circle {I recommend graduated, double-sided sets if possible, especially for basic shapes}
  2. Square
  3. Heart
  4. FlowerTwenty Best Cookie Cutters 2
  5. Star
  6. Leaf {I prefer straight leaves, the larger cutter is from Hobby Lobby and the smaller ones are Wilton brand}
  7. Tombstone
  8. Candy Corn20 Most Useful Cookie Cutters via SugarBelle
  9. Skull {the one pictured came from this set}
  10. Snowman
  11. Bell
  12. Gingerbread People20 Must Have Cookie Cutters 2
  13. Ornament
  14. Tulip
  15. Egg
  16. Plaque {I’ve got a huge list of plaque cutter resources here}20 Most Useful Cookie Cutters via SweetSugarBelle
  17. Ice Cream Cone {I am really partial to the green one}
  18. Onesie
  19. Bone
  20. Flip Flop

If I had a large purse and a little time, I might just sneak these in as the zombies ran me out the door {after I grabbed the PME tips of course}.

More Practical Cookie Cutters

1. Football
2. Sun {this was a Hobby Lobby find}
3. Butterfly
4. Present/Gift
5. Baby Rattle
6. Jersey
7. Hello Kitty

  8. Snowflake
9. Bear
10. Pumpkin
11. Ring
12. Balloon
13. Number Eight




Here are a few tips and products that will help you build an amazing cookie cutter collection:

  • Invest in multi-cutter sets like this one or this one to jump start a new collection
  • Buy graduated and double-sided cutter sets whenever possible to maximize space and value
  • Cutter collections work best when they’re well organized. You can’t use a cutter if you can’t find it. Here’s my method. You can also use pegboards {more pegboards}, storage bins, shoe racks, and MORE!
  • Maximize your existing collection with tips like this one from Klickitat Street {AKA the blog post that blew my cookie mind}
  • Where to Shop for Cookie Cutters
  • Remember basic shapes fall into the category of “investment cutters”. It never hurts to spend a little money on cutters you will use a lot. Copper Gifts makes their basic shapes {square, rectangle, circle, oval} in any size for a set price. Definitely worth the money for a cutter that will be used and reused for many years.