My #1 Fan {WFMW}

*This post has been edited from the original
I am sad to say my WFMW tip resulted in the demise of an old beloved friend, Fanny, who until yesterday, was nameless…

RIP, Fanny, 2001-2011

When I first posted this I used pictures of my old fan, which was what I called “dirty” as in scuffed and gray from 10 years of use including painting {which explains the light misting of Berkshire beige}, outdoor barbeques, garage sales and more.  He was also rickety and dingy beyond repair.  I didn’t worry much about posting, because Fanny was what I considered wear and tear dirty, rather than “DIRTY” as in filthy. 

I apologize to anyone who I might have offended, and I will take better care to choose my words and appliances a little more carefully in the future.  That being said, a few comments made me feel like the photos detracted from what really is a very good piece of cookie advice, so, I went out to Walmart and picked up some new fans, and I am editing this post to include mostly photos of the new fan, aside from the one above.  So, here we go again…

This is the view into my former dining room on any given day.

As they dry, I just aim the fan at the cookies.  Not only does it speed up the process, it also gives them a nice sheen {obviously this is a re-enactment}
I had to dig into the archives, I am proud to say that these were pre-Kopy Kake, for a good example of why I love my fan.  This is a very good visual of my idea of the “perfect” icing finish.
Not quite matte, but not rock hard shiny. 
You will also find, if you have bleeding problems, a fan will really reduce this.
Now don’t go blasting your cookies…no one likes a hurricane. A nice medium to gentle breeze will do.

  I love this little trick, and I don’t think my cookies would be the same without it.  It works for me, and I hope it works for you too!

For anyone who might be offended by this post, I’d ask that we agree to disagree.