Pumpkin Royal Icing Accents

Royal icing pumpkins are widely available this time of year in stores and online, but they’re inexpensive and easy to make yourself.

All you need is:

  • Stiff orange royal icing {my recipe is HERE}
  • Stiff green royal icing
  • Any type of star tip {I used a #18}
  • A #2 tip

Prepare cookie sheets by taping waxed paper to them with painters tape.  Start by forming the body of the pumpkin.  The tip should be at about a 45 degree angle to the cookie sheet.  Apply firm pressure, pull the tip away until the pumpkin is about half an inch long, release pressure then pull the tip away from the paper.

You might get a little point but that’s okay.  Simply use either side of a boo-boo stick or a toothpick to gently flatten or remove them.

Let the pumpkins dry for a bit then add the stems using a #2 tip.  Be very gentle if the pumpkins are still a little wet.  You can actually damage them by applying too much pressure.

If the stems are a little pointy, you can also flatten them with a boo-boo stick…or not.  Either way, super cute.  Just be sure to make a gazillion of them because you’ll want to put them on everything!

These look great on regular cookies, of course, but they are are also a great way to dress up any dessert.  I love how they look on these White Chocolate Dipped Ritz Sandwiches from Kevin and Amanda.  Every time I make them people RAVE!

Best of all they keep forever.  Some people recommend storing them in an airtight container others in a cardboard box, but as long as you keep them away from light and humidity, they will last indefinitely.

So try these soon and add them to any sweet treat you like…candy, cupcakes, brownies, and more.  You can also make different styles and sizes by simply using other star tips.  Here’s a handy dandy chart to help you find others that might work.

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Have a great week, everyone!