The Curious Case of the Frankenstein Cutter

So, while I was at cookie camp, I got this COOL Frankenstein Cutter.

I was pretty excited because it had a little more “substance” than my old Frankenstein cutter, so as soon as I got home I baked up a batch of cookies.  Turns out he was pretty cute.

Then I got to thinking {y’all know where this leads}. The more I looked at my new cutter, the more I was seeing this guy.

Who’d have thought you could get these two guys out of one cutter?  Even Frankie is surprised!

So, the next time you get a request for the “dreaded” Toy Story cookies, don’t forget to look in your Halloween bin!  It will make your life at least ONE cookie easier!  Oh yes, and please excuse the picture quality.  This was an impromptu post =)

P.S. If you need a Frankie cutter, my friend Karen has some in her cutter shop, Karen’s Cookies.  I’m pretty sure that’s where mine came from.

Hope this weekend brings you lots of Halloween baking {or rest if you bake for a living}.

Happy Friday!