Nerdy Graduate Cookies

Nerdy Graduate Cookie

Every year it gets tougher and tougher to come up with fresh graduation cookie ideas, so, this year I didn't.  This fresh take on last year's standing graduates are simple, sweet, and created with cutters you probably already have. The cookie shape is my favorite snowman cutter combined with a small square. Begin by cutting the squares in half diagonally as pictured below. Next, use the square to cut a triangular notch out of the snowman … [Read more...]

Cookie Cutters by Sweet Sugar Belle

SweetSugarBelle Cookie Cutters

In a perfect world every cookier would have a personal cookie cutter making elf.  I haven't quite figured that one out yet, but while we wait I have the second best thing. I made cookie cutters!  Well, I really didn't make them, I just designed them and all three are now available at Karen's Cookies. To be perfectly honest, designing cookie cutters is a little nerve wracking.  It's one thing creating a shape that I like, but when it comes … [Read more...]

Bitten Apple Cookies

Bitten Apple Cookies

Here's another throwback to my beginner days.  Classic apple cookies gain ten cuteness points when they become bitten apple cookies.  I still remember how mindbown I was when it hit me that you could cut a cookie that had already been cut.  It's a simple concept but as a beginner epiphanies like this were a really big deal. Rather than purchasing a bitten apple cookie cutter use a small scalloped circle to cut an apple cookie and create your … [Read more...]

Simple Crayon Cookies

Crayon Cookie_Cookieology 1

Crayon cookies are a fun and colorful design. Whether you're making them as teacher's gifts or for an art party they're sure to brighten any day. To make these cookies you will need: Red piping and flood icing Black 20-second icing Begin by outlining the cookie with a #2 tip. After the cookies are outlined, fill with flood icing.  Let dry completely.  This can take anywhere from 8-12 hours. When the base is dry, use medium … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Cookies with Kids

Father's Day Cookies

I know I said that this month was no-Kopykake month but I can't help but make an exception for the Father's Day cookies we made this year. I would love to take credit for such an adorable idea, but my amazingly creative friend Kim actually came up with it.  Besides being a talented decorator, Kim is also the mother of two very small children.  The balance she's found between kids and cookie life never ceases to amaze me.  I'm always inspired … [Read more...]

Standing Graduate Cookies

Standing Graduate Cookie Cutter

It's graduation time again and as usual I'm up to my eyeballs in cookies.  To keep things a interesting I try to come up with ways to change the cookies up each year. This year I used a teensie tiny squished square from this set to turn my Karen's Cookies boy and girl into graduates {and a diploma, but I forgot to take pics before they left me} . If you don't have the exact cutters I do, no worries.  With a little imagination you … [Read more...]

Miniature Graduation Cookies

Mini Graduate Cookies Close Up

I don't often get excited about graduation cookies.  As a matter of fact, it's one of my least favorite themes.  Then when Melissa Joy made these simple Martin Luther King Day cookies a few months back, I was instantly inspired! I've always been a fan of simple cookie designs, especially when baking for a crowd.  Not only are they easy to make, mini-cookies are perfect for graduation parties and receptions because they're just the right size … [Read more...]

Nerdy Cookie Decorated Cookies

Nerdy Cookie Sweetsugarbelle

I've been itching to make these guys since I saw this shirt in Target last year.  The only thing cuter than a regular old cookie is a smart cookie. I started by making royal icing transfer glasses.  To simplify the process I shared printable glasses templates in the three styles below. To print style number one, click HERE. For style number two, click HERE. For style number three, click HERE. A couple of days before decorating, … [Read more...]

Leaf-Tip Royal Icing Bows

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 8

Over the years I've turned from an obsessive compulsive cookie decorator into a "make it work" kind of gal.  Once upon a time I might have mixed two or three consistencies of icing to create the perfect detail. These days, I've adopted a much more relaxed decorating style.  Leaf tip royal icing bows are one of my favorite ways to add a little pizazz with minimal effort on my part. To make royal icing bows with a leaf tip you will … [Read more...]

Chubby Pencil Cookies

Easy Pencil Cookies

As much as I'd love to, I can't take credit for this adorable idea.  The genius behind these chubby pencil cookies is my friend Samantha, of Flour de Lis, who you may remember from this post. These cookies made previous appearances as part of my Nerdy Bookworm Platter and also here.  I love them because they're the perfect combination of simple and sweet. When Sam suggested using a candy-corn cutter for a pencil, I kind of fell in … [Read more...]