Simple Crayon Cookies

Crayon cookies are a fun and colorful design. Whether you’re making them as teacher’s gifts or for an art party they’re sure to brighten any day.

Crayon Cookie_Cookieology 1To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by outlining the cookie with a #2 tip.

Crayon Cookie_Cookieology 2After the cookies are outlined, fill with flood icing.  Let dry completely.  This can take anywhere from 8-12 hours.
Crayon Cookie_Cookieology 3When the base is dry, use medium consistency icing to make an oval in the center of the cookie.  Fill immediately so that the outline and fill come together to form a solid shape.
Crayon Cookie_Cookieology 4Finish up by adding two squiggly lines to each end of the cookie using a #2 tip.
Crayon Cookie_Cookieology 5
These colorful cookies make a beautiful presentation.
Crayon Cookie_Cookieology 6
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