Bitten Apple Cookies

Here’s another throwback to my beginner days.  Classic apple cookies gain ten cuteness points when they become bitten apple cookies.  I still remember how mindbown I was when it hit me that you could cut a cookie that had already been cut.  It’s a simple concept but as a beginner epiphanies like this were a really big deal.

Bitten Apple CookiesRather than purchasing a bitten apple cookie cutter use a small scalloped circle to cut an apple cookie and create your own.  Go a step further and leave only the core if you like.

Bitten Apple Cookies Cookieologyblog1To make these cookies you will need:

  • Red piping and flood icing
  • Brown piping icing
  • Ivory 20-second icing
  • Green piping icing

Begin by outlining and flooding the cookie as pictured below. Be sure to leave a small gap {approximately 1/4 inch} beside the bite mark.Bitten Apple Cookies Cookieologyblog2Add a stem using a #3 or #4 tip then use 20-second ivory icing to fill in the small gap along the edge of the bite.

Bitten Apple Cookies Cookieologyblog3Finally, use green icing and a #67 tip to create a leaf. Holding the bag at a forty-five degree angle, position the tip between the apple and stem. Apply gentle pressure while slowly pulling the tip away from the starting position. Finally, release pressure and draw to a point.  If you aren’t comfortable using a leaf tip, it’s perfectly okay to outline and fill.  Do what works best for you.

Bitten Apple Cookies Cookieologyblog6Let the cookie dry completely. This can take from a few hours to overnight.

Bitten Apple Cookies CookieologyblogBitten apple cookies are perfect for back to school, teacher appreciation and many other themes.  For more back to school themed treats check out these links: