Texas Tech Double “T” Cookies

I live in Red Raider country so, for the safety of my family  it only makes sense that these come next.  In my defense, my husband is the Longhorn fan in the house. I actually like those Irish guys who embarrassed themselves last week…but we’ll talk  more about them when they make me proud.

For now, it’s Double T’s

I would just like to start off by saying, this is one of those cookie designs that make you thankful to own a KopyKake.  THEY TAKE EXCRUCIATINGLY LONG TO MAKE, even with a projector {seriously, like ten minutes per cookie} So, word to the wise…if you’re making these for your next football get together, make a few double T’s and fill the rest of the space with footballs =)

Oh yes, you can also hand cut a Double T using a template, but in my humble opinion, that makes BAD, WORSE, so I always use a square or rectangle.

I am going to explain these with the assumption that you DON’T own a projector, but the instructions can be easily adapted to a KK.

You will need:

  • White outline and flood icing
  • Red flood icing
  • black food color pen

To begin, make a Double T stencil.  For instructions on making a paper cookie stencil, click HERE.  When you cut out the Double T, be careful to keep it in one piece, if you don’t have a projector it will come in handy later.  I also cut my stencil the same size as the cookie so I am able to position it easily on the cookie.

To begin, use the stencil to trace the Double T outline onto the cookie.

Next outline the outside of the cookie and the right and left sides of the” T” with white icing.  Leave the top and bottom open…if you outline them, it will create a very narrow space which is more susceptible to cratering.

Fill all but the inside of the” T” with white flood icing.

Let the white dry completely, then flood the inside of the “T”.  Then let them dry for eight hours.

After they are dry {don’t rush things, because if the red is still wet, the edible marker will go through as you write}, add the black highlights to the “T”.  First outline it…

Then comes the hard part. This is where you’ll wish you owned a KK.  If not, use the Double T from the stencil and lightly mark where the black should go with a pushpin.  If you aren’t familiar with THE PUSHPIN TRICK, you can check it out HERE.  You can try to eyeball where the black goes, but take my word for it, IT’S NOT EASY…

Here’s a close-up.  Did I mention that these TAKE FOREVER to make?

To finish up, add the white outline using a #1 or #1.5 tip.  Again…KopyKakes are WONDERFUL for this.  If not, start at the top, and work your way down slowly, stopping periodically to cry and price cookie projectors.

And then, FINALLY, you are finished.  Until I have time to locate my camera cord, please pretend there is a picture of the final product below this sentence.

If you aren’t into the cruel and unusual punishment thing…you could always try some simpler designs, like these Guns Up cookies.  Same concept and cutter as the Hook ‘Em Horns Cookies, except you chop off the pinkie instead!

Be creative…and don’t say I didn’t warn you that the Double T’s were a doosie!

PS, this tutorial is for personal use only.  Please don’t reproduce these for profit.  You may get in trouble.

Now that we have the Red Raiders taken care of, what team should we tackle next week?  I’m all ears.  If you’re at home playing on the Internet while your husband hogs the remote watching football, this is the PERFECT time to step up your cookie game!

Happy baking!