Pinterest Cookie-d {Owl Cookies}

The next trend that I have spotted and cookied, is owls.  I’m not sure if I like owls because I like them or because they remind me of my mom.  She was a Chi Omega, so she collected them.  I used to give her a hard time about her ugly seventies-era owls.  But now, I wouldn’t mind having one in my house…suddenly vintage owls are VERY cool.

Lots of the owls I’ve seen are bright and cutsie, but I was in an autumn-y mood, so I took that and ran with it.

However, it’s not the actual owls that I am most excited about, it’s the cutters I used to make them.  I bet almost every one of you {if you are at least the tiniest bit interested in cookies} own at least one of these cutters…

No special cutters needed.

I like how the tulip makes a plump little owl.

while the heart is perfect for a close up view

And once again, I went a little crazy.  I made TINY owls, these are about the size of a quarter…

and as much as it pained me, I broke down and made a few cutsie ones also =)


Yet another trend, cookie-d!  Don’t worried I am not finished yet. I have a few more projects to show you, as does my friend Ashleigh, who made pennant banners today.  Hope on over to Bee in Our Bonnet and check them out!

What Pinterest trend would YOU like to see cookie-d?