Teacher Appreciation Cookies

May 2-6 is Teacher Appreciation Week.  It’s also Mother’s Day Week, which leaves me with twice as much work because my mom IS a teacher!

Seriously, I’m not kidding.  She was my computer teacher in high school.  Don’t get any ideas about free rides.  She might have been the meanest teacher I had.  Made me sit by her and threatened to make me sit in the hall when SHE made me giggle {true story}.  At the risk of being disowned, I cannot even share what I was giggling at.

Anyway, a week or so ago, I saw the prettiest printable Teacher Appreciation tags, and I just knew I needed to find a way to “cookie” them.  For the life of me, I CANNOT find them again {my head keeps thinking they belong to TidyMom}  but they were basically light blue dotted backgrounds with an apple printed on them…  The tags were made by Beth of “It is What it Is”, and I saw them on Cheryl’s weekly linky party.  THANKS so much for helping me track them sown, Stephanie!!!

I love the colors.  They inspired me.  I did my usual cookie on a short stick, and just stuck it into a cupcake.

I LOVE this doctored cake mix recipe from TidyMom. It’s thicker than regular cake batter and makes clean uniform cupcakes.
They are simple but pretty.  If you are interested in the making custom liners, I love this template that I found on Skip to my Lou.  I use it often.
Another idea for teacher appreciation gifts are simple jars of mini cookies.
These are super simple and easy when decorated with 20-second icing.
Don’t feel like you need a ton of special cutters to make these, just be creative.
I use a simple square, cut into strips, end pinched for crayons and pencils.  Scissors are an armless mini-gingerbread man.  The glue bottle is a Torah cut into fourths, and a mini-wedding cake makes a great stack of books.  The possibilities are and endless as your imagination!
I marked the photo to show where I trimmed them.
I don’t care much for this photo, but I think it’s the only example of mini-scissors that I have…
And, even more minis!!!
Here are a few more inspiring cookie ideas for teachers!
And here is my precious little first grader.  We were so lucky to get a wonderful teacher this year.  I’ll be sad to see her go, and hope that my younger whildren will also be in her class.
Thank you, Mrs. Addison!  We appreciate you and all that you have done for us this year!
Be sure to take the time to thank your teachers this week.  Send her something nice.  It takes a very special kind of patience to do what they do, and I definitely don’t have it, SOOOOOOOOO I am eternally grateful for all they do!
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