Citrus Slices and Wedges

First of all I need to say…one Nation, under God.  Today is a day of thanksgiving.  It doesn’t quite feel right to celebrate the death of another human being, however, in this case, I am thankful that this monster will never have the opportunity to hurt another person with his EVIL…

On a lighter note, lets talk about cookies.  I have been making citrus cookies since I saw this amazingly inspiring set by one of my FAVORTE cookie artisans, The Decadent Cookie.  Click on the photo to view more of her work. 

They are simple, but some of the most beautiful cookies I have ever seen.
Today, I will teach you how to make my version.
You will need three different colors of icing. A darker shade for the outline {use the 20 second rule for this}, a lighter shade to flood the middles, and white for the detail work.

At the risk of confusing you, I’d like to offer this little tip…hope it makes sense.  Make only the dark outline color first, and do ALL the outlining.  THEN, use the leftover dark, mix it with a little yellow and white and then you will have the perfect color for filling.

This technique can also be used to make oranges and lemons also.

I decided to do a video for this tutorial because wet-on-wet is a little easier to demonstrate this way.  ENJOY!

These are a  PERFECT Cinco de Mayo treat, and would be wonderful using my Lemon Poppy Seed Cutout recipe. 

I am looking forward to the coming week.  For those who are hurting, I wish you peace.  Rejoice in the good, comfort those who mourn.  Count our blessings and do good always.