Royal Follow-up

I thought it would be good to kind of summarize yesterday’s theories, and to put up a few photos of pretty cookies to make up for the ugly ones from yesterday.

So, here’s what we came up with.  Overall, I am leaning toward overbeating as the cause of my mishap.

However, a few other common denominators of this kind of disaster are:

  • excessive amounts of icing color, particularly red, black, and browns
  • inadvertently contaminating the icing with oil
  • humidity {I have thought this before, BUT it was not a factor in this instance}
I also had a few other interesting suggestions that I think apply:
I didn’t quite give you an exact answer, but there is definitely some good information here.
I also really like {THIS ARTICLE} by Sweetopia and {THIS ARTICLE} by Bake at 350…both are filled with great tips and info.
And since you had to look at my disappointing Union Jack photos yesterday, I have some nicer ones today.
PS-To further perplex everyone, tonight when I came home, I checked to reject cookies {still sitting where I’d left them after taking photos, LOL, AND they were UGLY, but dry!  What the heck?!
Oh well, the world may never know.  In the meantime, enjoy some photos from my archives =)