Pencil and Thought Bubble Cookies

Why do I re-purpose cookie cutters?  Well lots of reasons really.   Like the fact that I own well over a thousand cutters but never quite have the shape that I need.  Or, I have a shape but it’s too complicated for my lazy ways or I’ve gotten bored with it.  Then there’s the instance where I find JUST the cutter I want but cannot justify spending over fifteen dollars on something that I might only use once.  Did I mention that I hate hand-cutting?

Like I said, lots of reasons.

Anywho, I’ve always wanted a thought bubble cutter but I’ve never really come across one that I loved.  So, I made one, which is just as well considering the number of times will I might actually need to make thought bubble cookies.

I combined a caterpillar cutter {from the Wilton 101 Cutter set} with an oval, but you could do all kinds of things.  For example, a pumpkin makes a speech bubble {I went with thought bubbles since I’ve never heard a worm speak}.  Or you can use a scalloped oval/circle with the caterpillar to make the whole thing bubbly.  You get the idea.

PS-If you don’t have an oval cutter try THIS TRICK.

Here’s another share-worthy idea.  Would you have ever thought to make pencils from a candycorn cutter?  Me either.  Good thing I have creative friends like Samantha, of Flour de Lis.

She thought a trimmed candycorn would make a perfect stubby little pencil.  I have to agree.  For the full tutorial, click here.

I even made a straight-sided version which was just as cute.

Moral of the story, re-purpose those cutters.  Not only will you end up with cute and original cookie designs, you might even save a few bucks!

I promise this is the end of the school cookies.  Two-thirds of my kiddos headed back yesterday.  I don’t know who was more excited, them or me.

And for some reason, if you do need a new cutter {or three}, here are my favorite places to shop:


I hope everyone is having a great week.  Happy baking!