Play With Your Food Project {Vintage Toy Cookies}

Every once in a while I get decorator’s block.  That’s when I know I’m about due for a group project.  This fun collaboration, “Play With Your Food” was organized by one of my favorite decorators, Angela, of Oh, Sugar Events.

It took me a while to decide on a theme, but when I finally did {thanks, Nicole} I chose vintage-ish Fisher Price toys.  They bring back wonderful memories.  Especially the School Clock and Little People, which were called Mickeys at my house.

I started out with lofty goals, but around baking time I was bitten by the lazy bug. Not only did I wait until last minute to start, I also decided that I might die if I had to hand-cut my cookies.  So, I used cutters I already had.

  1. Stacking Rings- d and e {candycorn + circle}
  2. Teaching Clock- a {Wilton Frankenstein}
  3. Corn Popper Push Toy- b {Copper Gifts lighthouse}
  4. Two Tune TV- c and g {Wilton Gingerbeard House Set + mini-dog bone}
  5. Chatter Telephone- a, trimmed {Wilton Frankenstein}
  6. Little People Dog- h {smallest Ecrandal nesting doll}
  7. Little People Girl- h {smallest Ecrandal nesting doll}
  8. Xylophone- c, f, and g {Wilton gingerbeard house set +mini-dogbone +mini circle}

I love that I didn’t have to hand-cut a single one.

I learned a lot during this project. I may do a tutorial or two, if y’all like since I *kind of* know what I am doing now.

My favorite cookie turned out to be the xylophone.  The final product was a pleasant surprise.

 Okay, enough about me, time to go check out what my amazing friends made.  You’re going to love these collections!

  1. Word Search and Crossword Puzzle, Natalie, Palestine Painted Cookie
  2. Cards and Poker Chips, Debbie, Mt. Lookout Sweets
  3. Cootie, Kim, Kookie Kreations by Kim 
  4. Paper Dolls, Liz, Arty McGoo
  5. Flip Books, Krista, Cookies with Character 
  6. Scrabble, Anne, Flour Box Bakery
  7. Candyland, Nicole, Life’s a Batch
  8. Pin The Tail on the Donkey, Vicki, Sweet Tweets
  9. Words With Friends, Hillary, The Cookie Countess
  10. Pac Man, Samantha, Flour de Lis
  11. Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Andrea, Cupookie
  12. Marble Mazes, Angela, Oh, Sugar Events
  13. Twister, Jill, Jill FCS
  14. Dominos, Jeannette, Sweet Dough Cookies
  15. Wooly Willy, Angela, Oh, Sugar Events
  16. Fisher Price Cookies, Sweetsugarbelle {that’s me!}
  17. Monopoly Cookies, Trinnette, TLC {Trinnie Loves Cookies}
  18. Horseshoes, Marbles, Jacks, and Pick-up Sticks, Anita, Sweet Hope Cookies

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Remember, eat, drink, and PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!