50+ Ways to Say, “Happy Valentine’s Day” with Cookies

I could probably make a career out of Valentine’s Day cookies.  With so many cute and corny sayings, the possibilities are endless!  With the Valentine’s Day cookie crunch in full swing, I thought it would be fun to list some of my favorites, along with cookie ideas to match.

Click on the links and prepare to be inspired!

  1. Cute Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas 1Love stinks
  2. Wild about you {links to giraffe, zebra print, and more at the bottom of the post}
  3. Let’s hang out or I’m bananas for you
  4. I love “ewe”  {for more lamb cookie inspiration, click here and here}
  5. I like you “beary” much
  6. You’re GRRREAT!
  7. “Hogs” and kissesCute Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas 2
  8. “Bee” mine
  9. You light up my life or I love you “watts”
  10. You’re “toadally” awesome
  11. “Whale” you be mine?
  12. Glad you’re in my school
  13. You’re a great catch
  14. Be my love bugCute Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas 3
  15. Love bites
  16. I’d snap at the chance to be your Valentine
  17. You’re “dino-mite”
  18. “Owl” will always love you or you’re a hoot
  19. You’re “tweet”
  20. You’re “purrfect”
  21. I’m nuts about youCute Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas 4
  22. You take the cake
  23. “Mint” to be
  24. I “chews” you
  25. “Olive” you
  26. I love you a “latte”
  27. Take a “pizza” my heart
  28. We belong togetherCute Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas 5
  29. You’re my #1
  30. “Yoda” one for me
  31. You rock
  32. You turn my gears
  33. Never “Lego” my heart
  34. You’re super!
  35. I’m just a love machineCute Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas 6
  36. You’re all “write”
  37. You’re a hit or you’re a great catch {I love this idea too}
  38. I dig you
  39. I love you to pieces {this blog is FULL of cookie puzzle ideas}
  40. Talk “nerdy” to me
  41. I “wheelie” like you {check out this post for a great tire track stencil idea}
  42. Cute as a buttonCute Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas 7
  43. I love you to the core or You’re the apple of my eye
  44. You’re “berry” sweet
  45. You’re a peach
  46. “Orange” you glad we’re friends? {for another citrus cookie tutorial, click here}
  47. You mean the world to me
  48. You’re the bomb
  49. You’re out of this worldCute Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas 8
  50. I pick you {apple cookies like these are great for this theme also}
  51. I “mustache” you to be my valentine
  52. You’re a “maze” ing {wouldn’t a heart shaped maze cookie be adorable?}
  53. We’re “sole” mates
  54. Stuck on you
  55. Sealed with a kiss
  56. We’re the perfect pair

As difficult as it was, I had to stop myself.  The list could go on and on.  What are your favorite Valentine’s Day sayings and themes?  I can’t wait to hear!

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  1. 11

    I am so honored to have my apple core and nutty valentine designs as part of this fantastic collection!! I love how it’s completely acceptable to be corny at Valentine’s Day. Here’s one that I wanted to “cookie” this year but didn’t get a chance: a group of bananas with the saying “You’re so A-Peeling!”. Happy <3 Day!

  2. 12

    Seriously, I thought I had seen every valentine cookie imaginable – wow, not even close!!! You are the best for putting this all together – I just love each and every one! This is so great, I’m pretty sure paper valentines without a cookie might be non existent! Thanks too, for adding my frogs in the mix! :)

  3. 13
    IFeelCook says:

    Impossible to choose! All these cookies are awesome!!

  4. 14

    I don’t know what it is about robots with hearts that make me smile but those are my favorites! Great collection, Callye!

  5. 15

    Thanks for compiling a load of cookie inspiration in one place! I want to start with the whale and the legos:) Happy Valentine’s Day, Callye! <3

  6. 16
    Jen Buscemi says:

    Loved the cute sheep… And since my daughter goes through band aids – A LOT – I think I’ll try the band aid ones for her!

  7. 17
    akuisocom says:

    Nice post..nice share……



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