"SOLE" Mates

My friend Mique and I had so much fun making cookie Valentine’s last week, we thought we would do it again!  I couldn’t wait to make her newest printables into  cookies!

Believe it or not, I don’t have a small shoe sole cutter, so I had to make one. 

*A  flip-flop would work, but the one I have is too large for the design I wanted to do

It was easy and inexpensive.  All I needed was an extra dog bone cutter from my collection.

Inexpensive cutters work best for this kind of project because they bend easily and they are easily replaceable.  Remember to be careful though, they CAN break.  My hulk of a husband has snapped more than his fair share.

To make double soles cut out twice the number of cookies you are planning to bake.  Then, arrange them side by side {flip one so they make right and left feet} on the cookie sheet, making sure they are pushed together so they fuse  while baking.  Each two cookies will make one.

After they cool, it’s time to decorate.  First outline, and then fill.  It’s important to outline the cookie in sections and fill as pictured below.  After the first sections have dried for thirty minutes or more, go back and fill the rest.  Filling in this manner creates dimension without layering.

Let the cookies dry completely {about eight hours} then complete the steps below.  If you have trouble piping, use my video on perfect writing without a kopykake.

Now for the fun part!  To get these cute printables, head on over to  Mique’s blog, Thirty Handmade Days and grab her free “SOLE MATE” printables!  Now you have all you need to re-create these cuties for Valentine’s Day.

And just in case you aren’t in the mood to make a new cutter, a simple high heel, sneaker, or single flip-flop would work fine too!
All of these cutters can but purchased from Off The Beaten Path, click on the pictures to get yours!