Twenty Shark Cookie Ideas for Shark Week

Twenty fun and frightening (not really) shark cookie ideas for Shark Week via

In my house, after Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays, Shark Week is probably the most anticipated non-holiday event of the year. If you're looking at a busy week of shark watching like me, what better way to celebrate than with a few fun and frightening (only a little) decorated cookies? Here are twenty of my very favorite shark cookies, you know, because it's impossible to pick just one.  Enjoy! 1. Simple Shark Mouth Cookies 2. … [Read more...]

How to Make Mermaid Cookies with a Snowman Cutter

Learn to make mermaid cookies with a Wilton Snowman cutter at

A few weeks ago I did something I thought I'd never do. I went through my cookie cutter collection and got rid of the ones that I rarely use. Okay, before anyone faints, it wasn't quite that dramatic. I didn't actually get rid of them, I just put them into storage for awhile. We're preparing to move, and for some reason my realtor thought that a dining room was a better selling feature than a cookie cave. I know, I know...who wouldn't want … [Read more...]

Sweet Sightings {Third Edition}

Sweet Sightings Featured Image 3

It's time for another edition of Sweet Sightings, the post where I share my most recent faves from around the web. 1.  I've long been a fan of Sugarbliss's airbrushing skills, but their "Hootenanny" set blew my mind.  The perfect combination of texture, color, and design take my breath away. 2.  I was absolutely delighted by The Cookie Monger's Lobster Boil Collection.  Made entirely from re-purposed cutters, these cookies were part of the … [Read more...]

Decorated Mermaid Cookies

Decorated Mermaid Cookie_SweetSugarBelle

Instead of "Simple Mermaid Cookies", I'm calling these "Relatively Simple Mermaid Cookies". Truth is, there's nothing simple about mermaid cookies.  In fact, this is probably more of an intermediate cookie, but if you're going to decorate mermaids...this is about as simple as it gets. Since I'm not really into hand-cutting, I used a cutter from my collection.  This fish is from the Betty Crocker 101 Piece Set.  If you don't have this … [Read more...]

Toadstool Cookies from Simple Cutters

Toadstool or Mushroom Cookie

Funny thing about Alice and rabbits...they can show up ANYWHERE.  Mushrooms too!  This happens to me all the time.  I look at my grass and there's nothing there, then the next morning there's a toadstool where there wasn't one before. Just like their natural counterpart, mushroom cookies also have a way of popping up out of nowhere. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little.  They do come from somewhere, but luckily, just like real ones it … [Read more...]

Accenting Cookies with Airbrushing {Guest Post}

Sugarbliss Nautical Cookie Collection 2

I love the look of airbrushed cookies, unfortunately I don't quite have the knack.  Lucky for all of us there are sweet decorators like Laurie and Jeanette of SugarBliss Cookies that are willing to share their expertise.  Today they'll show us how to create beautiful cookies with simple airbrushed accents.Hello!  We are so excited about this opportunity to create a little guest post for Sugarbelle!  Our names are Laurie & Jeanette.  We are … [Read more...]

Simple Shark Cookies

Shark Cookies and Surfers

Working with what you's a simple notion, but not always easy for a person like me.  Often, when I have a idea I'm not satisfied until I've recreated exactly what I see in my head. In a perfect world I wouldn't live eighty miles from everything I need.  But since I do, I've had to learn to be creative with my available materials and supplies.  Which brings me to these sharks. Can you believe that the girl who owns thousands of … [Read more...]

Crab Cookies

Crab Cookie 9

Crab cookies were one of the very first cookies I ever made.  The first time around, they gave me a little trouble.  Now, they're one of my favorite designs. To make these cookies you will need: Red piping, 20-second, and flood icing Black sugar pearls Since crab cookies are almost completely red I suggest using Wilton no-taste or Americolor tulip red.  You can read more about these colors HERE. Begin by outlining the body … [Read more...]

“Whale” You Be My Valentine?

Whale Cookie

These little whale cookies might be one of my all-time favorites. I got the idea for this set from one of my favorite corny Valentine's Day jokes. Hardy har har.  Get it? For the cookie I used a balloon cutter and added a wonky flower to some to create a spout. To make these cookies you will need: Dark blue piping and flood icing Light blue piping and flood icing Black candy pearls Begin by outlining the cookie as … [Read more...]

Simple Patrick Star Cookies

Simple Patrick Star Cookies 4

Did you know that goofy old Patrick has a last name?  That's the kind of thing you learn from making him into cookies over and over again. It's no secret that I am not a huge fan of making character cookies, but they're a fact of life.  So instead of thinking of ways to accidentally break my arm, I decided it might be more productive to think of ways to simplify the inevitable. Here's my theory.  Most character cookies are for kids and … [Read more...]