Girls Like Pirates Too

Or at least around here they do.  My Belle likes pretty much anything her brothers do.  So in this house, we make equal opportunity cookies.

To make these I used a bell cutter and ears that I swiped from an Easter bunny.  There wasn’t any big reason for the rabbit, except that I was looking for a carrot cutter around the same time, and  happened to notice the ears would work.  You could use any cutter as long as it’s the same basic idea.  A heart, perhaps?

To make these you’ll need:

  • Black icing for outlining with a #2 and #1.5 tip
  • flood icing for the bandana, skin, and eye patch

I’m being vague on colors, because you can COMPLETELY personalize these…

Begin by outlining the cookies

Next, flood the bandana and add white dots

and fill the face area.

Let the cookie dry a bit, and then fill in her hair.

At this point let the cookies dry overnight, then, the next day, use black icing and a #1.5 tip to add the details. 

When they’re dry, you’ll have pretty perfect pirates. 


I made blondies too!

If you really want, they can have lipstick, eyelashes, the works, but since I’m thinking makeup was probably in short supply on all-girl pirate ships, I skipped it this time!

Now, all we need is a fancy name for girl pirates!

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