Real Pirate Ship Cookies!

I always know I have a hit when the kids give one of my creations a thumbs-up, and they LOVED these, especially the boys.  The best part is, these are E-A-S-Y.  Actually easier than easy.

This project satisfied both my crafty and baking sides!

Now, if you don’t want the kids playing with their food, these aren’t the best thing to make.  These air sailed for about thirty minutes before they were actually eaten!

I made the cookies using graduated football cutters from Global Sugar Art.  You can get them HERE.  I actually tinted my basic sugar cookie dough brown, but you could also use chocolate dough.   If you want to go the tinting route, I used chocolate brown, with a touch of egg yolk yellow and super black.

I baked my cookies a little on the soft side, then, while the were warm, I used a bamboo skewer to “pre-drill” the hole for my sail.  I pre-made the holes because I didn’t want to chance the cookies cracking when I inserted the sail.  In hindsight, I think after they absorbed the moisture from the royal icing it would have worked alright, but I went the safe route this time.

Next, I used royal icing to attach the cookies.  It works better to do this upside down, so you can see if the cookies are centered.  Also, you dont have to use royal icing.  Any icing will do, as long as it dries semi-stiff and the color is close to the color of the cookie.


Let these dry.  This is a good time to work on the sails.



To make the sails you will need:

  • 3 1/2 inch wooden picks {you can find them in the craft store, same isle as the popsicle sticks}
  • 1/2 inch ribbon cut into 1 1/4 inch pieces
  • back scrapbook paper
  • white paint or scrapbooking marker
  • small skull stencil



I used a glue gun to put these together because it was quick and easy.  I cut 2×2 pieces of black paper, and used a white paint and a stencil to add the skull.  However, you could freehand this very easily, or use stickers.

For the next step, I glued the ribbon around the pick, then I used a candle lighter to seal the edges to prevent fraying. 

To finish, I glued the paper onto the stick, and I had a cute little paper sail.

I let these dry for a few hours, and they were ready to go!

Cute and easy, and your kiddos will think you’re the coolest mom on the block…for a little bit, at least!

Here’s the wh0le fleet!

This is a “no-decorate” cookie that anyone can make for their next pirate party!  I cannot wait to make more…I already have the red and white sails in the works!  These will be making a re-appearance VERY soon!

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