How to Use Cookie Inspiration From Others

Christmas Cookie Wreath

When I first delved into cookie decorating, there were very few online resources for inspiration and learning.  Then, in just a few short years a couple of shops, blogs, and a small Flickr community morphed into a large and ever growing group of talented artisans and suppliers. Now, the Internet is filled with projects, ideas, and inspiration...a wonderful thing.  Not only are we creating and sharing our own work, we're also encouraging others … [Read more...]

Deep Pink, Magenta, Hot Pink and Fuchsia Royal Icing

Deep Magenta Fuschia Pink Royal Icing

Have you ever struggled to make the perfect shade of deep pink, magenta, or fuchsia royal icing? On that note, have you ever wondered what the difference between all of these colors even is? I can't help you with "name that color", but I can offer tips on creating deep, dark shades of pink icing. Despite making regular appearances, my relationship with deep pink icing has not always been an easy one.  The end product was always nice but there … [Read more...]

Press and Seal Icing Pods

Icing Pods

This tip isn't novel or new, but in case ya missed it I thought I'd talk about the plastic wrap trick one more time. What is the plastic wrap trick, you ask?  Basically it's putting royal icing into neat little plastic wrap pods before bagging.  This allows you to quickly and easily refill bags while working, cuts down on cleanup time, and extends the life of disposable pastry bags.  You can watch a video demonstration here or click here for a … [Read more...]

How to Make Tan Royal Icing

Tan Royal Icing

Most icing colors are pretty easy to figure out, while others are a little more complicated. Tan icing might seem simple, but if you've ever added warm brown to uncolored icing with the expectation of a pretty yellowish-brown, you know this isn't the case.  The pinky, almost flesh-colored result isn't even close. Unfortunately, icing color is not an exact science.  Most of the time, my colors aren't mixed from a pre-existing formula.  I … [Read more...]

Perfectly Stenciled Cookies Every Single Time

Perfect Cookie Stenciling 8

Do you have cookie friends?  If not, you should. I have a cookie friend who's kind of a genius.  You've heard the old saying two heads are better than one?  Well Kim is kind of like two heads.  Add mine to the mix and we come up with things like this. One night while our husbands were doing the things they do {football and X-box} we were having one of our cookie "text talks".  The topic?  Stenciling. Kim had an idea that magnets might be … [Read more...]

Twenty Cutters Every Cookie Decorator Should Own

20 Must Have Cookie Cutters via Sweetsugarbelle blog

Last night I had a horrible dream. I was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse watching helplessly as my cookie cutters were scattered to the four corners of the earth. Actually, I'm only kidding about the nightmare, but as I watched the looting scene in World War Z, I found myself wondering if there were any good cookie cutters in all that mess. If that doesn't scream "problem", I don't know what does. In real life I have hundreds, maybe … [Read more...]

Toning Down Pink Icing

Floral Monogram Cookies Close Up

Pink icing seems easy enough, but when it comes to matching specific colors that "simple pink" can quickly become a source of frustration.  If you've ever run into the the problem of pink icing being just a little too bright, try this tip. Tone down bright pink icing by adding a blue or green color to the mix.  The original shade of pink {left} was completely transformed with only a touch of each. I prefer to use leftover icing whenever … [Read more...]

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Font for Cookies

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Cookie Font

Looking for a quick way to add visual appeal to a cookie platter?  Try adding letter or number cookies in a complimentary font. To make these #5 cookies I used my Kopykake and a font called Creaky Frank.  I simply downloaded the font, {you can skip this step by copying the image directly from the site} enlarged it,  and projected it onto the cookie.  For an in-depth explanation of the process, click here. I hand-cut this particular cookie … [Read more...]

Simplifying Multi-colored Cookie Designs

Jake and The Neverland Pirate Cookies

As a general rule I usually try to stay away from cookies that require ten million colors, but sometimes they're unavoidable.  When cookies like this happen to you these tips can make life a little bit easier. Before decorating: Make a list of the colors you need Plan the decorating process to re-use and mix as many colors as you possibly can Consider cutting out any unnecessary characters or make a few "showcase" cookies and limit any … [Read more...]

Storing Templates and Kopykake Images

Storing Cookie Templates

Brace yourselves for a little a walk through my world.  My messy, unorganized cookie world.  This isn't a pretty post, but functional isn't always pretty. I want to start out by saying that I have never been known for my organizational skills.  Until recently, this is how my cookie templates and Kopykake images were stored.  Looks okay from this angle but open a drawer and there's a nightmare inside. Sadly, although I saved almost every … [Read more...]