Tools of a Serial Cookie Baker {Bun Pan Rack}

If you bake lots of cookies and don’t own one of these babies, you need to.  This shiny silver contraption is called a bun pan rack.

Once upon a time, if I was decorating cookies, my dining table looked like this.

Or this, if it was dinner time.

Then I got one of these.  It was actually a gift from my dad.  My dad is kind of an odd duck {I came by it honestly} and likes to bid on Army auctions .  Most of the time he wins things like ammo cans and sleeping bags but sometimes he ends up with things like heavy duty bakers racks.

Turns out, this thing sat out at my dad’s workshop for about a year before it occurred to him to mention it to me.  Better late than never, right?

Anywho, this rack really changed my life.   It kept my work space clear, took up a lot less space, and best of all it was free.  But since it weighed more than a Honda and was virtually impossible to hide, I always wished for a baby bun pan rack.

So finally, a few months ago, I broke down and bought the half size.  I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.  It came in a little box, was easy to put together, and fit neatly under my work table {or in my laundry room} when I needed it to GO AWAY.

I love that it can also be used with or without wheels.

I skipped them because I prefer the rack on my work table, but either way this is a good thing.

Now to answer the question I’m sure everyone’s wondering about…how much does one of these things cost?

This little wonder will run you from $70-$100 dollars for the half size and between $120-$150 for a full size rack.  If you opt for the heavy duty model, they get a little pricier.

I ordered mine from The WEBstaurant store because I live in the middle of nowhere.  After the 70 mile drive {one way} with three kids who for some reason are ALWAYS hungry, I figured it was more cost effective for me to spend twenty extra dollars for shipping and call it a day.  But if you live in a more urban area, you might want to check local restaurant supply stores, Craig’s list, want ads, or going out of business sales first.  You may get the deal of all deals.

You may even be lucky enough to have a handy father in law like my friend Marilyn {Montreal Confections} who built her rack, which you can see HERE.

When my rack isn’t full of cookies its also a great place to store my pans.

Speaking of pans…

I ALWAYS use half sheet pans.  I buy them at Sam’s club for about $11 per pack of two.  A bun pan rack will hold two half sheet pans or one full sheet per slot.

I own 44 half sheet pans, but since I am no longer a full time baker most of them stored in the garage with my original rack, which I still keep in case I ever need somewhere to put 80 sheets of cookies.

Heck…maybe I’m just sentimental.  In any case, take my word.  If you’re baking a lot of cookies, this is a very worthwhile investment.  Get one today!