Ten Gifts for the Cookie Decorator

Christmas is coming and if you haven’t yet done your shopping, now’s the time. I probably should have called this, “Ten Gifts for the SERIOUS Cookie Decorator” because the items shown here are some pretty serious cookie hardware.

Chances are, the decorator in your life might even own some of these tools.  If they don’t, they need to.  Time to get shopping!

Ten Gift Ideas for Serious Cookie Decorators

  1. Cookie Books:  Even the most experienced cookie decorators love books.  They’re great for information and inspiration.  The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating is one of the most through books available.  It covers everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!
  2. Cookie Cutters:  This one is kind of self-explanatory.  Cookie decorators want cookie cutters, period.  It’s almost an obsession.  Chances are, if you listen closely, they’re already dropping subtle {or not so subtle hits}.  In any case, there are lots places to get great cutters.  So many, in fact, that I made a list.  You can check it out here.
  3. Gift Cards:  If you do happen to have a non-hinting decorator, gift cards are also a great option.  Pick up a gift card from The Cookie Cutter Shop {use discount code SB15 for 15% off},  Cheap Cookie Cutters, Karen’s Cookies or Country Kitchen Sweet Art for a gift that’s sure to please!
  4. Stencils:  I’ve dubbed this year “the year of the cookie stencil”.  Until recently, if you needed stencils your options were pretty limited {and expensive}.  This is no longer the case.  With great shops like The Cookie Countess and Artfully Designed the selection just keeps growing.  Get a few or buy them all…I promise your decorator will be thrilled.
  5. Sheet Pans and Sheet Pan Covers:  Two lessons you learn as a cookie decorator, one cookie sheet isn’t going to cut it AND transferring cookies from sheet to storage container gets old fast.  Eliminate this problem by stocking up on sheet pans and plastic sheet pan covers.  I buy half sheet pans at Sam’s Club, but you can find them at discount chains, restaurant supply stores, and even on Craig’s list.  The covers are a little trickier to track down.  I order mine directly from Nordicware.  They have great deals like free shipping on orders of $25 or more, a 20% discount on orders over $50, and a 30% discount on orders over $100, so get a lot!
  6. Airbrush System:  Like most of the items on this list, there are lots of places to purchase airbrush systems.  Karen’s Cookies carries them, but they are currently out of stock.  If you need one now, try Michaels Craft Stores.  They sell the tried and true Duff Airbrush Machine.  If you’re coupon savvy, use one of their frequent 40% off coupons and save a ton.  If all else fails, you can always find them on Amazon.
  7. Camera: What’s the point of making beautiful cookies to ruin them with a bad picture?  Take photos you’ll be proud of.  The Cannon Rebel T3  is pretty heavy duty for cookies, but I love it.  If it isn’t quite in your budget, there are some pretty great point and shoot models on the market..but it you have the means, I HIGHLY recommend trying one out.
  8. Lowell Ego Lights: Cookie decorating is often a nighttime job, and it’s not so easy to take great photos in the dark.  If you can’t have sunlight, these are the next best thing.
  9. Bun Pan Rack:  Ever come home to find a cookie sheet on every flat surface in your house?  Bun pan racks eliminate this problem.  They come in two sizes, full and a neat little half size, which has been perfect for me.  Reclaim your dining table!  Pick one up today.  IF you really want to make your cookier happy, pick up a rack cover while you’re at it.  If this is still too much of a space hog, these nifty little stacking clips are a great alternative too.
  10. Kopykake Projector: A Kopykake Projector is pretty much the ULTIMATE cookie gift.  It’s impossible to measure how much stress and time I eliminated when I purchased mine.  If you have any doubts, squash them now.  Your decorator will thank you!  Find the best deals at Madison Art Shop and Jerry’s Artarama.

PS-If you’re looking for something a little smaller, PME tips {I like #1.5’s} and Ateco couplers make great stocking stuffers.

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