Cookie Toys For Moms!

Just when I thought I owned every single cookie cutter known to man I go off and find something like this!  In my defense, these cutters actually found me. It started with an innocent little cookie gift from my buddy Natalie, of Palestine Painted Cookie, and snowballed from there.  Leave it to another cookie gal to know what gets my motor running.

Who’d have guessed that this kind of adorableness was inside?

My first instinct was to wait til my buddies fell asleep and rob them, but I did the right thing and let Google lead me to the source.  Would you believe that they are just ninety-eight cents at Toys R Us?  You heard me right.  Less than a buck!  I ordered 30 just to make sure I got the entire set.  You think I’m joking…

I was kind of worried I would end up with 31 frogs, but the assortment was great.  I ended up with enough to make two sets.

Size-wise they are a little on the small side {3-3.5 inches} but I still think they would be pretty easy to work with, especially at that price.

Whoever said big things come in small packages was right!  I got a Texas sized kick out of these.  Not only are they cheap, they come with a built-in cookie design, an idea for cooking with kids,  and my daughter played with the little animals all day.

These cutters would also be great for this wonderful project from Montreal Confections.

You can buy your own by clicking here.  I’m thinking they would make GREAT stocking stuffers.  Better stock up.

Thanks again, Natalie for this awesome present!

Happy Friday cookie friends!