Decorated Hibiscus Cookies

Hibiscus Cookie

Summer is coming to an end but I'm not quite ready to say goodbye.  Decorated hibiscus cookies are the perfect nod to warm summer days filled with fun in the sun. The cutter used here is actually a sand dollar, but it makes a great hibiscus.  You can find it here. If you're a little short on time, a four leaf clover also works well.  To learn more, click here. To make these cookies you will need: White 20-second icing Bright pink … [Read more...]

Cookie Quickie: Decorated Hula Girl Cookies

Decorated Hula Girl Cookie

It's time for another "Cookie Quickie," the same tutorials you're used to, without all the photos. Today's theme is luau, featuring decorated hula girl cookies. Like many of my cookies, this sweet hula dancer began life as a snowman cutter, which is included in this set. To make hula girl cookies, simply follow the steps below: Use 20-second icing in the color of your choice fill the top portion of the hula girl's hair. Wait a … [Read more...]

Sweet Sightings {Third Edition}

Sweet Sightings Featured Image 3

It's time for another edition of Sweet Sightings, the post where I share my most recent faves from around the web. 1.  I've long been a fan of Sugarbliss's airbrushing skills, but their "Hootenanny" set blew my mind.  The perfect combination of texture, color, and design take my breath away. 2.  I was absolutely delighted by The Cookie Monger's Lobster Boil Collection.  Made entirely from re-purposed cutters, these cookies were part of the … [Read more...]

Simple Hula Skirt Cookies {Guest Post}

Tropical Luau Cookies

While I'm spending the day in paradise, AKA the kiddie splash park, my sweet friend Nicole is holding down the fort.  Follow along as she demonstrates how to make her simple hula skirt cookies. ALOHA! I'm Nicole, and I'm tickled to be here, sharing such an EASY-PEASY design with you! I've got Hawaii on the brain BIG-TIME lately, as my BFF is currently stationed there, and my own family is planning a long vacation next summer! I've been to … [Read more...]

Accenting Cookies with Airbrushing {Guest Post}

Sugarbliss Nautical Cookie Collection 2

I love the look of airbrushed cookies, unfortunately I don't quite have the knack.  Lucky for all of us there are sweet decorators like Laurie and Jeanette of SugarBliss Cookies that are willing to share their expertise.  Today they'll show us how to create beautiful cookies with simple airbrushed accents.Hello!  We are so excited about this opportunity to create a little guest post for Sugarbelle!  Our names are Laurie & Jeanette.  We are … [Read more...]

Simple Shark Cookies

Shark Cookies and Surfers

Working with what you's a simple notion, but not always easy for a person like me.  Often, when I have a idea I'm not satisfied until I've recreated exactly what I see in my head. In a perfect world I wouldn't live eighty miles from everything I need.  But since I do, I've had to learn to be creative with my available materials and supplies.  Which brings me to these sharks. Can you believe that the girl who owns thousands of … [Read more...]

Simple Tropical Leaf Cookies

Ali's Animal Cookies

Simple accent cookies are a great way to stretch cookie platters.  They're tasty and adorable but far less labor intensive than other designs. One of my favorites are these simple tropical leaves.  They only take a minute to make and work with a variety of themes.  They can be made with a few different cutters such as a paisley, simple leaf, or football. To make these leaves you will need: Green 20-second icing Begin by outlining … [Read more...]

“Whale” You Be My Valentine?

Whale Cookie

These little whale cookies might be one of my all-time favorites. I got the idea for this set from one of my favorite corny Valentine's Day jokes. Hardy har har.  Get it? For the cookie I used a balloon cutter and added a wonky flower to some to create a spout. To make these cookies you will need: Dark blue piping and flood icing Light blue piping and flood icing Black candy pearls Begin by outlining the cookie as … [Read more...]

How-to Make Bamboo Border Cookies

bamboo border cookies

Adding a royal icing bamboo border is one of my new favorite cookie additions.  I first tried it around Father's Day on these Hawaiian Shirt cookies and have been looking for a reason to do it again.  Luckily summer is luau season. To make a royal icing bamboo border you will need: square or round cookies white piping and flood icing bamboo brown 20-second icing {I mixed warm brown, egg yolk yellow, and a touch of black to make … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Shirt Cookies for Father’s Day

Hawaiian Shirt Cookies

All-in-all, I would say that I have a pretty cool husband.  I mean, he puts up with the whole cookie hobby thing and he does laundry, but there's one thing about him that just really bugs me.  The guy doesn't like Hawaiian shirts.  Apparently, he thinks they're dorky.  Crazy right?  I think every man needs at least one tropically-type shirt. In any case, since the hubs is not down with flowery shirts, I have to get my Hawaiian shirt kicks in … [Read more...]