Decorated Candy Cookies and Free Kopykake Template

As a life long Willy Wonka fan, candy cookies have always been one of my favorite things.  However, candy cookies often involve swirls which is one of my least favorite things.

Lollypop CookiesAs a perfectionist, I often get hung up on things like spacing and lines, so make things a little easier I’m sharing a free printable template.  If you have a Kopykake, simply print and pop into your projector.  If not, re-size the image to fit your cookie and cut into a handy little stencil.

To print your copy, click here.

Candy and Lollypop Template   Mix with other designs for a bright and colorful treat.

Sweetsugarbelle Candy CookiesFor more helpful posts, be sure to check out the following links:

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  1. 11
    Kathy says:

    I’m so glad I found you Facebook.
    Thanks kathy

  2. 12
    rebecca says:

    love the cupcake cookie and colors. what cookie cutter did u use.. or could u tell me how to do it. along with flooding a cookie. plz my email is

  3. 13
    Ludy Robles says:

    Twas a great help!! I’m just starting … I love to bake and I love all your creations…

  4. 14
    Joyce says:

    Not sure how I missed this. Awesome as usual. Thanks for always so generously sharing.

  5. 15
    Britt says:

    Hello there,
    Love this post… as I love most all of your posts… and wanted to ask about the cupcake cookie. I didn’t see any links for that one and I’d love a rundown of how you whipped that puppy up. Your step-by-step tutorials are just wonderful and much appreciated!
    If you have any info/steps on how you made the cupcake cookie, I’d be much obliged.

    =) Thanks!

  6. 16
    Rebecca Moreno says:

    Hi, love your site! I am making cookies for my coworkers sons bday and was wondering what recipe you used for your cookie pops. I’ve been stressing because I haven’t been able to find a recipe that is stiff enough for pops and still taste delicious. I am however eyeballing your chocolate chip roll out cookie recipe sounds delicious! Thank you for your time!

  7. 17
    Hailee says:

    Hi what kind of frosting did you use?


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