Santa and Friends Christmas Cookies

Welcome to this years edition of, “things I should have shared before Chrsitmas, but didn’t get around to.”  The star of show being, me, of course!

When I made these cookies, I was pretty proud.  I volunteered to make cookies for each of the kid’s class parties, which was about six dozen all said and done. Not only did I finish early {for once}, I even managed to make them with cutters that I already had out.

I was on the verge of nominating myself for mom of the year, when my sweet little Belle busted my bubble in a way that only a five year old could.   She wanted to know why her cookies were staring at her.  Apparently she wasn’t too keen on Santa and crew’s “creepy eyes”.

After a quick confirmation from her brothers these cookies will be forever known in our house as “the creepy Christmas cookies”.  Out of the mouths of babes, right?

Silly Christmas Cookies SweetsugarbelleCreepy or not, I made the entire collection with my favorite snowman cutter, along with a few others {pine tree, holly, exclamation point, mini-heart, and Santa hat}.



Wilton Snowman Cookie CutterDespite failing the daughter test, I was pretty happy with the results.  I mean, I did decorate six dozen cookies AND the creepy Santa gives hugs!

Silly Christmas Cookies Santa and ElfI was especially fond of this gal.  I may even shoot for a redo next year…minus the googly eyes.  Apparently, they just aren’t my thing.

Mrs. Claus CookieMoral of the story, don’t ask your kids for a cookie critique unless you’re prepared for complete and utter honesty {and a daughter who won’t sleep in her bed until they leave}.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Chrsitmas and be sure not to miss the other posts from my annual post-Christmas catch up: