Flower Cookies With Leaves

It’s amazing how a single detail can completely change the look of a cookie.  Adding simple leaves to flower cookies transforms an otherwise common cutter into something special.

flower with leaves cookie 1

I own exactly one flower cutter with leaves and people often ask about it.  I purchased it few years ago at Michaels and unfortunately I haven’t seen them since.  Luckily, even without the cutter this cookie is super easy to make.

Flower Cookie Cutter with Leaves

All you need is a flower and simple leaf cutters like these.

Leaf Cookie Cutters

Start with a flower cookie, use the cutters to create a place for the new leaf, cut a separate leaf cookie, then gently put the cookie in place.

flower with leaves cookie 2

You can position the leaves anywhere and add as many as you like!

flower with leaves cookie 3

To help create even outlines be sure to make a light impression on the cookie with your cutter before baking.

flower with leaves cookie 4The key to piecing cookies together is to make sure the parts fit securely together and that a large surface area is touching.  You should also wait until the cookies have completely cooled before handling them.  Freshly baked cookies can be fragile.  Follow these steps and you should end up with a nice solid cookie base.

flower with leaves cookie 5

I use this tip pretty often, most recently to create these.

Plaque Cookie Cutters

Without leaves, these cookies might’ve been a mess.  Now they’re  beautiful mess.

Flower with Leaf Cookie Cutter

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  1. 11

    Great tips, as always :) The details can make all of the difference!

  2. 12


  3. 13

    I totally agree with you that small details can change the look of a cookie alot. Actually I think I learned that from you, Callye! You are the queen off “little touches” that make cookies stand out. Just a touch of color or texture takes a cookie design to a whole new level! I’m still working on thinking outside the box when it comes to these add-ons.

  4. 14
    nessa says:

    Stunning! And yes, small details make it super special :)

  5. 15
    Kristofer says:

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  7. 17
    Crystal says:

    I bought the fondant leaves cutter set and tried your tips. My tulip cookies look more compete with a leaf added. I also added a bigger leaf to a daisy/sunflower cookie. I used your tip with the leaf cutter to cut some of the dough from the daisy/sunflower cookie and it worked perfectly. Thank you for the tutorial. Now I can get more creative with my flowers!

  8. 18
    fariba says:

    I enjoy from your recipy thank you so mucher

  9. 19
    Katie says:


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