Miniature Graduation Cookies

I don’t often get excited about graduation cookies.  As a matter of fact, it’s one of my least favorite themes.  Then when Melissa Joy made these simple Martin Luther King Day cookies a few months back, I was instantly inspired!

I’ve always been a fan of simple cookie designs, especially when baking for a crowd.  Not only are they easy to make, mini-cookies are perfect for graduation parties and receptions because they’re just the right size for snacking.

Mini Graduate Cookies Close Up

When I said easy to make I meant it.  Use a small round cutter and “squooshed” square to make little faces.

Miniature Graduation Cookies

Once baked decorate with 20-second icing and use  #1.5 and #13 tips to add details.

Mini Graduate Cookies

To make things even easier, you could also take a page from the Lila Loa playbook and use mini-fish cutters for your graduates.  These can be purchased at Sweet Art Factory or your local craft store {look in the clay section}.  I also like this mini-fish cracker cutter from Cheap Cookie Cutters because it has a rounder face.   In a pinch, this tutorial for making your own cookie cutters from an aluminum can could also work well.

Mini Graduation Cookie Cutter

Give the fishies a little stretch and decorate the same as above.

Mini Graduation Face Cookies

Whichever way you go, these mini-graduation cookies are a fast and easy way to make cookies for a crowd.

Mini Graduation Cookies

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You can also use the “smooshed” square cutter to add graduation caps to any of these cookie designs:

Have a great weekend everyone!  Come back soon for a how-to on standing graduate cookies using Karen’s boy and girl cutters {if you don’t have them, order them now}.

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    Jackie says:

    Very cool and creative graduation cookies! Love ’em!

    Would love to know how do you mix the colours to get the perfect shade of peach, brown faces, and the tiffany blue mortar board, please.

    Thanks heaps,