Creative Holly Leaf Cookies

Holly cookies are one of my all-time favorite Christmas cookies but I’ve never quite found a cutter that I love.  So, as usual I improvised.

Not too much of a stretch, right?  Maple leaves and bat cookies make great holly.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Green piping and flood icing {or 20-second icing if you prefer}
  • Ivory piping icing
  • Medium red piping icing

Since I am re-purposing this cutter I didn’t follow the outline exactly.  I know this can be a little intimidating especially if you aren’t comfortable drawing free-hand.  One of the best tips I can offer is to use a food color marker to sketch the design on before piping.

Now to decorate.  Begin by finding a starting point.

Once you’ve decided where to begin outline in sections.  If you’d rather use 20-second icing, that’s okay too.  Remember, cookie decorating is not an exact science.  You have to find the techniques that work best for you.

Here’s what the bat looks like outlined, in case you were wondering…

Next fill the leaves.

Give them a bit of time to dry, then add the leaf detail. I like to trace around the cutter and sketch what I have in mind before I begin piping.  This is the best way to prevent a catastrophic mid-cookie freak out.  Okay, catastrophic might be a little dramatic…but you know what I mean.

To finish up use a #3 tip to add berries.  I’m not bothered by the little pointies, but if they bug you lightly tap them down with your finger, use thinner icing {but not too thin or it can crater}, OR use white flood icing to cover them with a little accent.

These cookies look great on their own, or mixed with other fun Christmas designs!

Happy Holly-days, cookie friends!