Easy Batman Cookies

With the latest Batman movie due to hit shelves on December fourth, I foresee many movie nights across the country .  Why not add Batman cookies to your snack spread?  They’re super simple to make and chances are you already own the perfect cutter.

You can use almost any tulip shape or my personal favorite, this Wilton tombstone  Just trim the corners, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

I decorated both versions for funsies.  To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by spreading a thin layer or white flood icing on the cookie in the area where the eyes will be and let dry.

Next, outline Batman’s mask as demonstrated below.

Fill the outline with black flood icing.  You can also use blue or gray if you’re not keen on black icing.

Let the mask dry completely then fill the face with flesh tone icing.

Finish up by using a #1.5 tip to add facial details and clean up any rough edges.  I like to give my Batman an “I mean business” expression.  There’s no smiling on my watch!

If you’re feeling brave, you may try a few of your favorite characters.  I neglected to take a good picture when I made these, but you get the idea.

You might also want yo use a smooshed flower or web cutter to create the comic fight words {onomatopoeia}. This post will help with writing the words.

I hope everyone has a safe and exciting weekend.  Happy baking!