Country Christmas Color Palette

Is it possible to like Christmas colors more than any other colors in the world?  I mean, technically they’re  the same year-round, but for some reason they always seem prettier during the holidays.  So, to celebrate the season  I’m going color crazy until Christmas.  Here’s the first round!

It all begins with a big batch of my fluffy royal icing.  If you need the recipe, you can find it here.

To create the colors below, begin with approximately half a cup of royal icing.  For more intense color, double the gel color.  For lighter shades, use more icing or less color.  The following palette was created using the combinations below.

  1. Holly Jolly Red- 7 drops super red + 10 drops tulip red {color will develop over time}
  2. Mistletoe Green- 2 drops leaf green + 3 drops ivory + 5 drops electric green + 8 drops gold
  3. Prairie Grass Green- scant drop leaf green + 2 drops gold + 2 drops electric green + 3 drops ivory {OR for a very close match use 1-2 tablespoons Mistletoe Green}
  4. Burlap- 1 scant drop regal purple + 5 drops ivory +10 drops gold

Be sure to add these to the notes section of your printable color chart.

Have a great Tuesday!