Decorated Holly Cookies

Did you know that decorated holly cookies are probably my all-time favorite Christmas cookie to make?  Especially since I picked up Good Cook’s twelve piece holiday cutter set.  These well-made cutters are the perfect combination of traditional and whimsical and instantly put me in the mood to create.

Holly Cookies For ChristmasTo make these cookies you will need:

  • Red 20-second icing
  • Green outline and flood icing
  • White piping icing

Begin by using red 20-second icing to add the first berry.

Decorated Holly Cookies 1After a few minutes, add the second berry.  Waiting a bit between each application is a great way to create dimension with royal icing.

Decorated Holly Cookies 2Let the first two berries dry for a bit, then outline the leaf with a #2 tip and flood.  At this point, let the cookie dry.  This can take anywhere from four to twenty-four hours.

Decorated Holly Cookies 3When the base is dry, it’s time to add the final details.  Use a #2 tip to outline outside of the leaf.  Add a third berry, then add a line to the middle of the leaf.

Decorated Holly CookiesWhen the cookies are dry, they’re ready to enjoy.  What better way to celebrate the holidays than sharing cookies with friends.

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