Sweet Sightings {First Edition}

Featured Image Sweet Sightings 1

Surfing the world wide web, I constantly run across cookie ideas that demand to be shared.  So, I put together a round-up of all the inspiring designs that make me excited to bake week after week.  Here are my most recent faves from cookie land. 1.  These pool party cookies by Sweet Ambs look so real that I want to dive right in!  You can check out the tutorial HERE. 2.  I love it when someone takes one of my tutorials to a whole new … [Read more...]

Decorated Golf Ball Cookies {Guest Post}

Decorated Golfball Cookies

I have been following The Bluebonnet Bake Shoppe from the beginning of my cookie decorating adventure and may just be her number one fan.  Besides being one of my favorite decorators, Jennifer also makes the best sugar cookie I've ever eaten.  I first discovered her work on Flickr, and eventually we became real life friends.  I've always loved her simple straightforward decorating style, and these brilliant golf ball cookies are no … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Cookies with Kids

Father's Day Cookies

I know I said that this month was no-Kopykake month but I can't help but make an exception for the Father's Day cookies we made this year. I would love to take credit for such an adorable idea, but my amazingly creative friend Kim actually came up with it.  Besides being a talented decorator, Kim is also the mother of two very small children.  The balance she's found between kids and cookie life never ceases to amaze me.  I'm always inspired … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Shirt Cookies for Father’s Day

Hawaiian Shirt Cookies

All-in-all, I would say that I have a pretty cool husband.  I mean, he puts up with the whole cookie hobby thing and he does laundry, but there's one thing about him that just really bugs me.  The guy doesn't like Hawaiian shirts.  Apparently, he thinks they're dorky.  Crazy right?  I think every man needs at least one tropically-type shirt. In any case, since the hubs is not down with flowery shirts, I have to get my Hawaiian shirt kicks in … [Read more...]

Happy Pappy’s Day Cookies

Are you sitting at your computer fretting a little because it's Father's Day and you haven't made one single treat for the DAD in your life?Maybe you were busy, or procrastinated a little...in any case it's not too late.  YOU can make PAPPY cookies!I call them Pappy cookies because these are dad's favorite.  He doesn't need all the bells and whistles, just plain old cookies with a sprinkle of sugar on top.  Simple and easy.Of … [Read more...]

Making a Paper Cookie Stencil

Today I have another little tip to simplify your Father's Day cookie decorating.  You don't need blessed hands to perfectly pipe designs onto a cookie. It just takes a little thought, planning, and practice.Of course, I own a necktie cookie cutter, but I had some leftover cookies that needed to be decorated, so rather than make a whole new batch, I made them work for what I had in mind.These are a little simpler … [Read more...]

Making Cookies From Paper Templates

For some reason, I was BURSTING with Independence Day ideas, and completely at a loss for Father's Day.  So, I did what I usually do when I don't have an answer, I MADE something up.  Yes, I do that a lot...This is what I came up with.  Now AFTER I made all of these, I had all sorts of neat ideas like "DAD" on a bed of grass and a golf ball where the heart is, or replacing the heart with a shotgun shell for all those hunting … [Read more...]

Woodgrain Cookies With Royal Icing

This year, much to my dismay, I was pretty short on Father's Day ideas {sorry Dad}.  It seems like everything I came up with had been done, and done, and done.  So, I compromised a little, and just started thinking along the lines of "manly" rather than trying to do theme cookies.  I settled on wood.  There is something manly and rugged about a plank of wood.This is one way of getting the wood grain effect with royal … [Read more...]