Perfect Monogram Cookies

Simple classic monogram cookies are great for many occasions.  This time around I made them for a baby shower.

Fancy _P_ Monogram CookiesStart by finding a letter you like.  I usually Google a specific letter rather than sorting through fonts.  If you have a Kopykake, print and pipe.  If not, here’s a quick way to transfer a letter from paper to cookie.

Cut out the letter and position it on the cookie.  I used a cookie that was already flooded but this works on un-iced cookies too.

IMG_7162Once the paper is in place trace around it with a fine-tipped food color marker or use a needle tool like I did HERE.

IMG_7165Once the image is transferred it should look like this.

IMG_7173Pipe around the outline with a small round tip {I used a #1.5}, flood, and let dry.

PicMonkey CollagePerfect monograms every single time.

Perfect Monogram Cookies

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  1. 21
    Jacquee says:

    Perfectly simple! Love!

  2. 22
    IFeelCook says:

    I don’t have a kopykake (yet… ;P ) so this is perfect for me ^^

  3. 23
    Violet says:

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  4. 24
    Asmita says:

    Love these! What colr blue have you used. Its gorgeous!

  5. 25
    nele says:


    Can i ask which font this is please ?
    thx !

  6. 26
    Ellia Lumowa says:

    Just wondering whether you bake ur cookies afrer you glaze it with icing?
    If u did..after you work with the letter there..and you bake them again? Cause just concern that the base col icing will be crack after twice put it into the oven.. pls adv.. thx :)

  7. 27
    Barbara C says:

    Love this technique but I’m afraid I don’t understand the process of getting the font from google onto paper/ card stock to be able to trace. Help?

  8. 28
    sherry webb says:

    I LOVE all of your tutorials and fantastic tips. Thanks for sharing

  9. 29
    barbara says:

    de que es el relleno de la letra? como se hacceee?!!!


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