Simple Tip for Adding Leaves

Here’s a simple little trick to make your springtime decorating a little easier.

I only have one flower cookie cutter that has leaves and it’s not really multifunctional.  So, I came up with this easy little trick to add them without hand cutting or piecing.

All you need are flower cookies {its a little easier if they are already decorated and dried} a leaf tip, 66-70 for smaller leaves and 112-115 or 326, and wax or parchment paper to set them on.

It’s as simple as using stiff icing to pipe a leaf against the side of the cookie.  If you’re worried about it sliding around, glue the cookie to the parchment {or wax paper} with a bit of icing before you begin.

Let the leaves dry completely {a few hours at least} and the whole thing should peel right off.  If you’re not into eating hardened royal icing, just break the leaf part off.

I did the same thing for these mini-horse cookies but with 20-second icing rather than stiff.

Super easy, and we like easy, right?

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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    These are so pretty and wow, how do you come up with the creativity! You are so fun Callye! A friend of mine sent me some cookies with royal icing roses on them and she said that we should take off the roses before eating the cookies, like you suggested with the leaves on your flowers, but we ate them and thought they were super yummy. I bet everyone that eats your beautiful flower cookies will eat the leaves too. Everything looks beautiful and I love that you share your creativity with us!

  2. 42
    Macon Batches says:

    Can’t wait to try this idea! They are so pretty. I wonder if the leaves stay on if you are bagging them?

    • 42.1
      Sweet Sugar Belle says:

      They will, but try to make the leaves a little rounder than pointy so the tiny tips won’t chip off =)

  3. 43
    Jana says:


  4. 44

    Such a great tip! I’m so going to try this, Callye!

  5. 45
    Lynne Scrogins says:

    Hi There,
    I thought I read somewhere on your blog that you used a copycat machine to create some cookie designs. How does it work and where do I find them? I’m not even sure if that is what they are called.

    Thank you so much

  6. 46
    Ann P. says:

    These leaves add so much to the overall look of the cookie! You really don’t need any cookie underneath your frosting to change the shape, it seems! Great tip :)

  7. 47


  8. 48
    seungho says:

    Really so cute!!
    Thanks for photo.

  9. 49
    Stacy says:

    I adore your website, so much information on cookie making, great tips for us novices. I have featured a couple of your cookies, the daisies and the vintage bunnies on my party blog post hope you’re happy with them being included in my post? Stacy :)

  10. 50
    Milagros says:



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