Easy Bandana Print Cookies

Until recently, bandana print cookies were quite a project.  But now, thanks to the stencil revolution, you can make gorgeous bandana cookies in a fraction of the time.Learn to make bandana print cookies in four easy steps!

Decorated Bandana CookieTo make these cookies you will need:

Begin by outlining and flooding the cookie as pictured below.  Let dry.

Bandana Print CookiesWhen the base is completely dry, place the stencil securely over the cookie.  You can use an iced cookie to hold things in place {like I did here} but these days I prefer magnets.  To learn more about stenciling with magnets, click here.

Bandana Cookies 1Once the stencil is secure, lightly mist the cookie with black airbrush color.  If you don’t have an airbrush, Wilton Color Mist works too.  Just be sure to spray the cookie in light even layers.

Bandana Cookies 2Give the mist a few seconds to dry and gently lift the stencil up and away from the cookie.  Try not to stress imperfections, the next step will clean everything up.

Bandana Cookies 3Use white piping icing and a small round tip such as a PME #1.5 to add a few details.

How to Make Bandana CookiesThat’s all there is to easy, breezy bandana print.  Something about these cookies remind me of long summer days.

Daisy, Denim Pocket and Bandana CookiesIf you’re hesitant about trying cookie stencils, don’t be.  With a little practice they’re easy to master and totally worth the investment.  I’ll never pipe bandana the old way again!

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