Bandana Print Cookies

Bandana print is one of my favorite patterns to put on a cookie.  It is bright, happy, and has a lot of impact, yet it’s still surprisingly easy to do, and a very forgiving pattern.

The supplies you will need for these cookies are minimal:
  • black piping icing with a #3 tip for outlining
  • red flood icing {or whatever color you choose for your bandana print to be}
  • black Americolor food color marker
  • white piping icing with a #1 or #1.5 tip
The following steps are very simple.  First outline your cookie.  I use squares most often, but you can do circles, flowers, stars, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

When the outlines are dry, flood the insides of your cookies with the color you chose.  At this point you will need to let the cookies dry completely, preferably overnight, or at least eight hours.

The next day, use the food color marker to draw the base of your bandana print onto the cookie.  You can be very precise or completely random.  Use a combination of paisleys, diamonds, dots, flowers and other designs you may find on a bandana.  If you have trouble visualizing, I suggest Googling bandana print, OR looking at the real thing.?
Next, use the white to add a ruffle to the outside edge of the bandana.  I have tried it both ways but I feel like it’s a little “naked” without it.

Finally, use the white to embellish all of the designs.  If you have bare spots, add more designs, or even a simple black or white dot.

And that’s all there is to making your own adorable bandana print cookies.?

Do not let this pattern intimidate you.  Just let it flow, and do what feels natural to you.  Use bright colors for a springy look,

You can go girly,
Or just plain traditional.

No matter how you do it, bandana is always cute!  Hope to see you try it soon!