How to Make Camouflage Print on Cookies

To start off, I have great news!!! My cousin is FINALLY home from Afghanistan…so, I made him his VERY own set of cookies. {He’s one of my biggest fans.} I was beyond excited for him to come over, and I am glad he doesn’t have to go back for a LONG time.
And since it is so close to Memorial Day, I figured it would be a good idea to post my camouflage tutorial.

Some of you might have seen this before, but I thought it might be worth a re-post before the holiday.

In this particular case, I chose pink, although I would not recommend it for your tough Army guy cousin.
For this project you will need:
  • Icing for outlining
  • 3-4 shades of flood icing, a tiny bit thicker than you’d normally use for flooding
For regular camo, I tend to choose an olive and dark forest green, khaki, and black or very dark brown, but you can use any color combo you choose.  I think blue is especially pretty myself.
First, outline your cookie.

Now, get ready to work pretty quickly, so that your cookie will have a flat surface.  Try to work on only three or four at a time.  Use your primary icing color {the one you would like to be most prominent} to add “puzzle” shapes randomly over the surface of the cookie as pictured below.

Then, quickly move on to the next color…
then the next.
Finally, add the last color, filling any open spaces.  I save the darkest color for this step so that it doesn’t overwhelm my cookie.
Just for example sake, I wanted to show you these.  I got a little ahead of myself and did too many at once.  I ended up with a slightly raised, bumpy surface.  It was okay but ideally, I  prefer for them to be flat.
When you are finished, you will end up with cookies that look like these.
Or these if it’s your boy cousin who’s getting the cookies.
Happy Memorial Day weekend, and thank you to all of the men and women who sacrifice so much so that we can remain safe and free.