Easy Pteranodon Cookies

When I was a kid, flying dinosaurs were called pterodactyls. But recently, my son informed me that they’re actually pteranodons. We couldn’t agree, so, I looked it up.

Turns out, we were both right.  Pterodactylus, shortened to pterodactyl, was a broad name for all flying dinosaurs until scientists figured out that there was more than one type.

Pteranodons are way bigger than pterodactyls and not technically dinosaurs. They kind of look alike, but they’re not the same thing.

In any case, I’ll probably always call them pterodactyls and these cookies could pass for either.

So, now that I’ve told you more than you ever wanted to know about large, scary, prehistoric flying creatures, here’s how to make easy “pterano-dactyl” cookies.Sweetsugarbelle.comEasy to Decorate Ptereanodon Cookies

Pteranodon CookiesI’ve never had much luck with the flying pterodactyl cookies so I came up with a simpler alternative featuring another cutter from my collection. I’ve yet to use it for birds, but it makes an awesome pterodactyl. If you don’t have this cutter, you can find it here.

Pterodactyl Cookie CutterBest of all, these cookies are super simple to decorate.  All you need is:

Begin by outlining and filling the cookie as pictured below.  If you’re using sugar pearls, immediately drop in an eye.  If not, let the cookie dry.

Pteranodon CookieOnce the base is dry, pipe an eye {if you didn’t use pearls}, nostril, and mouth and let dry.

Simple Pteranodon CookieThat’s all there is to it.  Much easier than the flying pterodactyl if you ask me.

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